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Hi, I have been active duty military since 2013 and have held a secret clearance since then. In 08/2017 I submitted my sf-86 and my investigation was opened in the same month. They took my fingerprints but I have heard absolutely nothing since then. It’s almost been a year and I’m concerned because most people get an initial interview a few months after their investigation opened.

Anyone have any input on this? My coworker said that it may be possible for my paperwork to have been lost during the transition away from OPM.

If you have had a secret clearance since 2013, you shouldn’t be due for a PR until 2023. What was the reason that you submitted the SF-86?

I’m sorry, I should have clarified. In 2017 I was picked up for a new job that requires TS/SCI. I submitted my sf-86 for TS/SCI in 08/2017

NBIB is slowly getting to that group of applications. Just recently several co-workers who were submitted in mid-2017 were just interviewed.

Investigator here. I’ve spent the last two weeks working only cases with schedule dates of 7/2017 or earlier. Hang in there.

Thanks for the quick response! That is actually reassuring, I have my TS interim so I have full access at work. I just want to make sure my file didn’t get lost or something

Mine was submitted 11/2016, no interview yet.

@investigator721, will already holding a secret clearance expedite my TS in anyway?

Just curious, thanks!

This seems to be my experience as well.

I submitted 09/17, and was only just contacted for a BI interview the last week of 06/18.

I have a good friend who submitted around 02/17, and was interviewed around 07/17

Both for secret.

Sorry to hear that, do you have interim atleast or are you just waiting to start work?

I submitted 11/16 and was interview in 05/18. This was for TS

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It doesn’t seem to make much difference, at least in my geographic area,

The upgrade from a T3 (secret) to a T5 (TS) is significant. Unless your T3 was closed within 6 months, almost everything has to be redone. Your T5 might not redo some law checks and government record checks since they were already obtained.

Thank you all for the responses.

I just have 1 last question: since I haven’t gotten my interview yet, does that mean that my investigation hasn’t been touched yet?

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No, is does not mean that is has not been “touched” yet.

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That’s what I figured. I assume they obtain and look over my government and public records prior to my interview?

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Just wanted to give an update for those waiting for clearances.

I had my interview recently, the interviewer said that once the subject is released to the field investigators they have only 2 week to complete interviews before it goes to adjudication. He said that I should hear their ruling in 3-4 months.

Hope this info helps some of the folks waiting. Please let me know if any decenting info.

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That is false information.

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Do you care to elaborate?

He’s referring to an internal artificial deadline that is specific to him, and he has no way of knowing how long adjudication will actually take but can make an educated guess.