Tier 5 Clearance Timeline 2019-2020

Looks like the backlog has cleared.
This is my tier 5 clearance timeline for a Law Enforcement agency.

December 2019: Filled out and submitted SF-86
January 2020: Interim Secret issued
January 2020: Met BI for interview
April 2020: BI submitted
July 2020: Adjudication started
September 2020: Adjudication granted.

Not too shabby for 25 foreign travel, foreign contacts, foreign birth, dual citizenship (no travel on foreign passport) etc.

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Isn’t T5 a TS clearance? You mentioned you received an interim Secret clearance…
Also, I assume you didn’t have to have a polygraph, that’s where it seems to be a bottleneck at the moment.
Oh, and congratulations of course!

Wow… Congrats! Excuse my stupid question but is Tier 5 a TS/SCI? Thank you for the positive post. Much needed during the wait…

Maybe they did a Tier 5 for a secret clearance because it was for Law Enforcement? Cant really say.

Congrats Bazinga!!!
That’s faaaaast for a Tier 5. Were you previously working in a LE capacity? My timeline is close to yours.
I submitted my SF 86 at the end of September.
All my contacts and interview were completed by the end of November 2019.

I hope my BI is completed in my current lifetime :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No. It’s TS/SCI for FBI. I got the interim secret along the way. I was able to get staffed on a secret with interim back in January while I wait for the Full TS clearance.

Thank you. It feels good to have a quick turnaround. Yes, Tier 5 is TS/SCI. DCSA refers to it now as Tier 5.

No. Never worked in a cleared space or at any LE agencies. Only held a Moderate Public Trust before being put in for TS.

Not sure why it was fast especially with all my foreign background.