Question about Timeline (TS/SCI)

I was wondering if anyone could give me some guidance involving what might possibly be going on with my BI (I understand the process is arduous but just wanted to see if outside speculation matched my own). I am currently waiting out a TS/SCI for a contracting position. I am 22 with no prior arrests/incidents with law enforcement or drug usage. I have only traveled outside of the country for 1 week (Canada in March of 2014). I live in the DMV area and listed 3 foreign contacts.


October 5 2017: E-QIP submitted
March 8 2018: Received call from investigator.
March 15 2018: Personal Subject Interview
March 23-April 4: Interviews with current/former employers, roommates, friends etc. Other individuals not listed on my SF86 reached out to let me know they were interviewed.
June 7th: Another friend of mine not listed on my SF86 was interviewed.
May 30th: Was called by the investigator who interviewed me about updated contact information for a reference. She stated it was the last person she needed to contact for her portion of the report.
June 8th: A friend listed on “People Who Know You Well” was contacted for an interview. The investigator who contacted this individual stated they could not conduct the interview. This reference has not heard from anyone since.

I was wondering if it is possible that the investigation can close without interviewing the June 8th reference? No one else listed under “People Who Know You Well” has been contacted. I have called the FOIA line since this incident and the investigation is still ongoing. I’ve had a couple roommates who were listed on my SF86 who have not been contacted.

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I don’t see anything unusual . . . Delays in getting in touch can easily slow things down and then the investigator get busy with other files before getting back to yours. Your time line isn’t out of line.

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Ed is right and you are still quite young in the process. I would not be alarmed in the slightest until it was 18 months past submission and even then I would only be mildly wondering. 18 months is normal and 2 years is not out of the question. 8 months? Way to early for concern or FOIA request.


They’ll interview who they want. Doesn’t need to be people listed on your forms so don’t expect absolutely everyone contacted and don’t be surprised if they talk to Jane Doe who you haven’t spoken to in 5 years.

Just let it ride out and it will close if it’s determined they have the coverage they want.

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If it makes you feel better, I have been waiting two years for TS renewal.

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1452 days Here! I am in purgatory.

That takes the cake. Tells me they do not have a slam dunk for denial. And seems time is in your favor. Unless you leave for another job. Then you would be out of scope and need start all over again.

Wow! That’s horrible!

Thats almost 4 years…

Not buying it

It’s been almost 1200 days since I submitted by SF-86. I don’t have the exact date, but it’s close enough. Good luck in your process OP!

Your FSO should elevate the concern through the government clearance folks. I had about 20 people fall into the no movement lane. Most had been contacted and asked to submit additional info but they never did. So their file sat there. And clearance folks rotated out and it became easier and easier to ignore those files. Sometimes it does take a call to find out if it is actually in adjudication vice sitting there. You need a savvy enough FSO to get past the “it is in process” response. If a Secret clearance request goes beyond 8 months I am on it. I won’t even check on a TS until well after 18 months. Likely not until 24 months. But at 24 months I can call and ask around.

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