My timeline and interview question

Just a look at my timeline in case anyone is interested.

04/06/2018: SF86 submitted
05/15/2018: Eligibility Pending
05/18/2018: Investigation opened
05/19/2018: Credit pulled
07/24/2018: Subject interview (tomorrow)

Does the interview usually happen at a specific time in the investigation process? i.e. at the beginning or end? Or is there really no telling? Either way I just wanted to provide a little update. Thanks!

What level of clearance eligibility is this?

Sorry, this is for DoD Secret (Industry)

Expect 6 months from today before clearing if no bumps in the roads like forgetting or withholding info. Any thing less than that is pure gravy.


Is this for TS or secret?

This is for DoD secret

Just providing an update.

My investigation closed on 10/1, a little over two months post-interview. To my knowledge, none of my references were contacted. This is for DoD Secret (industry). My case does not seem too complicated, so here’s to hoping I don’t sit in the adjudication queue for too long.

I am seeing almost 6 months to the day for approvals at Secret level. If you know your finances are clean and there is nothing to see in the criminal or drug use or outstanding foreign contacts area… 6 months from initiation date will get you cleared.

I am in Adj since May of this year. I submitted eqip in last Sept. It seems that Adj timeline varries wildly.

Absolutely as each case is literally different. No two people have the exact same finance score and drug issues. Or crime, or foreign associates issue, etc. I have a current person in Adjudication since June 2018. We sent an inquiry through the client on that one.