Interview to adjudication & other Q's

I have a couple of questions about timeline from interview to adudication, etc.

I submitted the eqip May 31, 2018 and was waiting on an interim TS. I was interviewed on Thursday (7/26) and yesterday (7/27) recieved an email from my potential manager that I was denied the interim. While I didn’t mention my previous drug use on the SF86 since it was over 12-13 years ago, I did mention it to the investigator when asked. My mom is also a permanent resident here in the states from Japan but not a citizen.

Question 1: does the additional info the investigator receive during the interview about the drug use affect the likelihood of receiving an interim? I was under the impression the interim decision was based on an initial review of my SF-86. Maybe it was just a coincidence I was sent the denial after my interview?

Of course I’m a little uneasy about being denied the interim but I’m still fairly confident I’ll get cleared (fingers crossed).

Question #2: what are your expierences/timeline from when you get interviewed to getting a decision?

Thanks in advance!

The previous poster is incorrect, each case timeline may differ based on the agency, complexity, issues involved, and timing of when it was submitted vs. workload. I have seen anywhere from 90 days to 2 years.

Regarding the interim, that is a pre-investigation decision based on criminal history, review of the application, specific position requirement thresholds if any, and the agency.

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Does the agency do the Adjudications for PR’s?

Thank you, this is helpful.

Update: I received my TS yesterday (8/27).

Surprisingly, the whole process was very quick:

-Submitted EQIP 5/31
-Interview on 7/26
-Interim denied 7/27
-Received email from HR that I was cleared 8/27


Congratulations!!! Good luck.

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