Interim clearance ts


I recently had my interim to be approved. How long does it take from a an interim to become adjudicated?


Hey I’m currently waiting on my interim to start work. I actually have a question for you. How long did it take for you to get interim? Also was your sf86 clean? I have 1 instance of taking a puff from a joint in 2014 and lived in Spain for 9 months for university from 2014 to 15. I have also traveled to different countries before but all friendly and very tourist heavy.


Well, I had an interim when I was in the military. Had to resubmit for my
clearance on March 9th. Didn’t get it until July 17th.

I traveled a lot too. My problem is I went to China through my school. Hope
things go well. What kind of work are you going to do?


Data analyst for a contractor that contracts for (cbp) dhs. I’m getting a cbp ssbi (ts) done and I’m worried I won’t get an interim since I think Only completely clean sf86 get through. If I don’t I’ll lose the offer.


Did you fill out the comment section. It doesn’t have to be clean just
honest. They are looking for honesty above all else.


I had a DUI that was dismissed with Prejudice back in 2010. I think you should be fine. I filled out my eQuip on March 9th. My investigation started on May 7th and received my interim on July 17th.


Yeah I am gathering that 4 months is the usual timeline for interim this year. 3-6 months is the spread.


Now the pain is waiting for my interview…Let me know when OPM or whoever does your investigation. I would like to compare notes. I am a disabled veteran so I am hoping mine will go faster. I know that may sound terrible,


No one hats fine. I’ll update you. Should be another month or 2 though