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Hi all,

I was just wondering if there is any reliable prediction for how long it might take to receive an interim clearance. I submitted my SF-86 and fingerprints 7 weeks ago today and haven’t been updated yet on my status. This is for a DoD Secret (contractor). Thanks!

Few weeks or few months or never

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Lol best answer right here

Interim are granted pretty quickly for Gov Contractors. They will then do the full background which can take up to 2 yrs to complete.

If you meant DoD - Contractor … for Industry: you might want to check with HR/FSO of contractor if your SF-86 is released to OPM yet. Some contractor takes up to 60 days to review the completeness of the SF-86 of the candidate before releasing it. Couples thing to check are your credit report to see if OPM pull your credit yet, or call the Hotline to see if you investigation is opened 724-794-5612 ext 7000 dial 2 dial 4. Hotline can only tell you if your investigation is opened or closed. Only FSO can tell you whether you get you interim or eligible pending (denied interim).

Interim clearance is not guarantee for clearance applicants … but you would find out 1-2 months (http://www.dss.mil/psmo-i/indus_psmo-i_interim.html)

I’m trying to figure out if my NAC has been conducted yet. Haven’t seen any inquiries come up on my credit reports. My FSO informed me that OPM had requested an employment verification which he sent back out a week ago, after which I was told I should receive an interim determination any day now. It has now been 8 weeks since my FSO submitted my e-QIP. I understand after reading this forum that some people wait much longer.

Reason I am concerned is:

  1. With final processing times as long as they currently are, I’m almost certain I would be let go if I am not granted interim
  2. I am a recent college grad who moved to my current city for this job two months ago. As a safety measure, I have been waiting on my interim to come in before I commit to signing a lease on an apartment for which the move-in date is in 6 days. I made the mistake of apartment searching a while back, making the assumption that I would have received a decision on my interim much sooner, as my FSO told me during my first week that interims had been coming in a matter of 3-4 weeks; that has obviously not been the case.

@hdub Your offer letter and recruiter should have clearly stated if you need an interim to start. You should not relocate until you have received a start date and told to do so.

Your interim was likely denied, since interim decisions are made within a few weeks now. It is easy to check, just ask your FSO. Many people are not granted an interim, but are granted a final clearance.

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I speak with my FSO daily. My company allowed me to start work on unclassified projects until I receive my interim. I have worked here since the 2nd of April, 2018. However my offer letter makes no mention of an interim clearance, only states that the offer is contingent on my “ability to obtain and maintain a security clearance.” My FSO has told me that my interim determination has not come in yet, and he gives me updates daily.

@hdub Ok, in that case you should speak with your manager to determine if your continued employment is dependent on obtaining and maintaining an interim clearance. Since they already had you start working, I think you just need to get the final clearance, but you should ask.

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Most of the CJOs (or All) are contingent upon granted final clearance. However, companies do include a clause that they can withdraw the CJO at anytime for any cause (on At-Will basis) - at least on mine, the clause was included.

Two typical requirements are below (notice the and/or & and):

  1. Ability to Obtain Interim and/or Final Clearances (Post Start) – US Citizenship Required
  2. Ability to Obtain Interim Clearance (Pre-Start) and Final Clearance (Post Start) – US Citizenship Required

Curious to how this has played out for you as I am in almost same siuation rite now with a new dod civilan job I just started oct 1. I have a feeling all be waiting way longer than expected, most of my work in done on a computer and havent been able to get on government computer because of not certs that require a clearance. All the material we work on is unclassfied but same situation i have to obtain and maintain a clearance. If I could just get use to a computer I would be fine to wait until final clearance goes through.

I’m still currently in process. I followed the advice in this thread by asking my manager specifically what would happen if I were denied an interim. I was told I would be let go. That same week, I was denied an interim. For whatever reason, to which I am extremely grateful, my employer kept me on through the course of my investigation despite a significant lack of uncleared work for me to do. My investigation was completed in about 5 months time and now I am in adjudication as of 10/1/2018. While I hope to hear a final determination soon, I am certainly not expecting it.

Wow thats awesome! I hope this same out come happens to me, not sure what they will go with if it come back denied. Did you not get a explanation for interim denial? Did you have anything in you sf86 that in the last two years that maybe flagged you for a denial? Did you already have your investigiation interview then? Where you able to get cac card comouter access?

All of this is very confusing and complicated appricate your input. Seem like dod moves a lot faster than most other agencys.

Don’t make the mistake that interims are just handed out. They are actually difficult to get. There has to be a need for your skills and/or the position needs to be vital.

They used to hand them out pretty regularly but that’s simply not the case anymore because they have proven to be a risk.

To answer your questions:
They don’t give reasons for an interim denial. Like Ed said, even if your record is spotless, you can still be denied one if the agency thinks the position doesn’t warrant it. That being said, I have been in my office and seen 7 new employees hired and receive their interim on average about a month or month and a half after submitting their SF-86. Since I’ve been here, I have been the only one to be denied an interim.

My only issues were some prior MJ use in college and a minor drug related misdemeanor from 5+ years ago.

I had a personal subject interview two months after my investigation begun, and was only asked about the above issues. None of my references were ever contacted.

I cannot receive a CAC until my clearance comes through.