Wait Times on interim

My SF86 was subnitting to the government on Aug 30th and the 120 day mark is approaching at the end of December. I recently inquire on the status of the interim and it has been sent to the CAF and the investigation is still pending. I wasn’t sure how much longer I would have to wait but also I have been paying down a balance as well. How much longer should I expect to wait

It seem like interims are harder to come by these days . . . As much as I hate to say it, you have somewhere between one day and about two years to wait.

There is no way for anyone to predict how your case will go.

I received mine in 78 days.

I received my interim about 60 days once OPM opened my case and 120 days since I submitted my eQuip.

I just found out that it will just be processed for the full clearance and no interim. So how does that change things

Up to 450 days…I am at 293.