Long waiting time

I had a full secret-level security clearance and left the job in 5/2018. I found another job which requires secret-level security clearance 7/2020. Since the gap is more than 2 years, so I need to apply a new one. It has been more than 3 months since I submitted SF86 and the case is open pending for investigation. It only took 2 months to get my interim clearance the 1st time I apply for a secret-level security clearance back in 2005. My question is will I receive an interim clearance first this time before I receive a full clearance? If this were the case, how long it would take to get the interim approved this time? If not, it will take forever to get a full clearance. Any one has any idea how long it would take for a full secret-level security clearance?

These days from what I hear a Secret clearance is taking 6-9 months. Some may take longer of course and a few may go more quickly. I dont think people are waiting two years anymore.

Some customers will grant interims, some are less likely to. Some grant them within a few weeks, some take a couple months. So it is hard to predict if you will get an interim. Personally I’d say if you have not received an interim by now you probably won’t get one but that is just my hunch-- and of course that has no bearing on getting a final.