Tier 3 clearance initiated had clearances in the past

HI got a new role T3 is required I had a few clearances with no issues over the years Public Trust and Interim SEcret .I gave my fingerprints last Monday any idea how long it can take and if they allow me to start when its still processing i.e after an initial check…E said he has submitted eqip to NBIB i just appended onto what was there from before .CAn this take months if so job may retract offer as taking too long so frustrated :frowning:

Much appreciated
MAry J

You only had an interim secret clearance, but never a full secret?

Some jobs let you start while you wait for clearance, others don’t. It depends on the job.

Clearance processing can take several months. I had a very clean file and mine took 230-ish days for a secret (T3). Other people fly through and get interims in only a month. It is very hard to predict processing time.

The one big recommendation is to be prepared to wait, and take it as a pleasant surprise if it is quick.