Interim Clearances - Tell Us About Yours

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Whereas final clearance can take a year or more to be awarded, interim clearances are the odd anomaly. Akin to a “temporary” clearance, they can be processed in weeks, not months, and get candidates on the job quicker while waiting for final clearance. Do you have an interim clearance? When did you received your interim…

Submitted on August 17th 2016, September 9th I was still awaiting to be assigned to investigation, as of today the FSO states it show as in process… based on the analysis I have done most have heard something around the 14-16 week time period with 1 showing an almost 18 week processing time just for an interim. No one has posted since Nov 6th…

Standing by to Stand by…

Filled out form in July. Government opened investigation sept 12. As of today still waiting for interim security clearance.
I was informed that Cali (where I live) & DC is taking longer than any other states.

Just playing the waiting game.

After having originally been submitted in Sept. Then, again, in Oct. twice after some mix-ups. Finally, altogether 11/20. The first two submissions were because of clarification (even though you can check a box for I don’t know). The last, just before Turkey Day. The reason for submission that time was because of fingerprints. I am in the DMV waiting for an interim to begin a new job.

My SF86 is clean. No money issues, or authority issues. Couple trips to outside of the country to friendly’s.

One thing to note is that I was rejected in November for no fingerprints. That took 8 weeks to catch. I am guessing that they would’ve opened the investigation at that time.

I am guessing another month or so to start the investigation.

If you guys were gamblers, what would you think my timeline will look like for that interim?

What do you guys think?

My first post. My situation; I previously hold a s secret clearance (granted interim 6/2015, granted secret 8/2015. DOD Contractor) but due to family circumstances, I took some time off from the workforce for over 24 months . Unfortunately, I was not aware at that time clearances will lapse once over 24 months. Now, fast forward to 2019, last Oct 2019 , a company contacted me and ask if I’m interested in a open position with them . I told the HR person , yes. Without any contingent offer signed , the company started an investigation.
Completed/certify eqip: 10/18/19
Fingerprint competed: 10/29/2019
All paperwork submitted According to FSO: 10/29/2019

10/29/2019 Last time I had communication with the FSO. He said he will let me know once he know something regarding my interim secret(if and when) which he said takes about two weeks.

12/02/2019 Contacted DCSA regarding the investigation. They received my finger print but they have not received the pertaining paperwork(eqip).

11/25/2109, 12/06/2019 e mailed HR, FSO seeking updates about the job/clearance -No response.

Should I just forget about this and move one or am I prematurely worried about the processing of clearance which may take several months?