Security Clearence: Intrim or Full

How long does it take for the security clearance to be granted? I received the tentative job offer on 3/13/2019. Filled the e-quip on 3/26/19. Received the final offer on 4/10/19. DoD did not contact any of my references other than past employers. Is this normal? How do I know if I got the full clearance or the interim one?

Depends on the level of clearance, whether or not this is for direct-hire or contractor position, and whether the agency paid extra to expedite the clearance process.

Interim secrets seem to be processed between a month and three months, while full secret clearances are taking about 6 months on average for the fastest 90%. This purposely excludes the tails, so you do see some people taking 1 year or more.

You would talk to your security contact for the hiring agency/company. You probably had to interact with someone to set up your SF-86 submission, and this is the person to ask about the status of your investigation and whether or not you are granted an interim.