Interim Clearance Question

So I am going through the process of getting a new job after 15 years at the same job. This is a civilian job on an Army post. I had almost forgotten what it was like to be in the Army until I started dealing with the Army HR again.

I am going through the process of getting a TS clearance. I know this is a lengthy process and after reading all of these posts, I understand that if all goes well, I will not have that for a LONG time. The job I’m working on getting is trying to get me an interim clearance until everything is finished. So I have two questions:

  1. How long does it take to get an interim clearance (the lady at HR told me for two weeks that she should know something no later than Friday and now she’s telling me she doesn’t know how long it takes)

  2. If granted the interim clearance, is it likely that I will get the regular clearance?

I’m just a little worried about quitting my job Ive been at for the last 15 years for something that may or may not happen.

Thanks for the help.

I submitted for a gov. contractor job and filled out my eQIP on 9/11. I was told today that I did not get the interim clearance. So it took less than two weeks for me to get answer.

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I think interim decisions are made within a month or so these days. Plenty of people don’t get an interim, but get final clearance. But also, interims can get randomly cancelled in the middle of the process. So if you have the option, wait for your final clearance before quitting current job.

Sounds good. Thank you both for the responses

Interim’s are based on a cursory review of the SF86 or Equip, possibly a few other very fast system checks. Don’t look at a denied Interim as “something bad.” Look at it as I have something requiring a full investigation and scoping before they grant access. One cruise may not trigger it. However, multiple overseas trips may, or one trip to a hot spot such as Iran, China, Russia, Cuba, etc. Any event requiring a solid review will prevent the interim. It isn’t unusual to be denied an interim and then get a full clearance.

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What does reinitiating a JPAS mean?
Does it mean submitting a new SF86 from over a yr ago or do I submit brand new?

Hello Amberbunny,

My question does not pertain to this subject. However, you have said in past posts that your job involves clearances. Do the majority of those you investigate get cleared? For those that do not get granted a security clearance, what are the major reasons for denials?

Thanks for your help