Interim Clearance

I’ve held a secret clearance since 2009 and have had no problems since them. I did disclose some old DUIs and another incident in 2004 on the SF-86 at that time and an Interim Clearance and final clearance were granted. So, now fast forward to today… I was offered a job, but a Top Secret Clearance is required. Nothing has changed since 2009 except favorable things, like a Bachelors degree, and excellent credit. My question is, even with unfavorable disclosures now going over 13 years, will I get the Top Secret Interim?

Should not be an issue with getting the TS clearance. But a TS interim is unusual. Are you in the military? Most of the TS interims I’ve heard of are for uniformed services.

I am DoD civilian GS 12. I was prior military however

Maybe being a GS employee is enough justification to get an interim. If other people in your organization have been granted interim TS then I suppose you can reasonably expect the same.

The position is for a job at Fort Bliss Texas as a compliance technician

Thought I’d toss this out there… I heard that a friend got a DoD interim secret in five weeks. That’s pretty fast from what I’ve been reading lately. He used to have a clearance, but left defense work for the commercial sector some years back.

@sbusquirrel… just a note of clarification. At my civilian contractor facility, all secret and TS clearances get interims except for the very few who can’t due to issues. Interims are SOP and some of the TS contracts do allow interims to work on them. In the 2 years I’ve been there, I know of only one TS clearance that has been granted so far. All of us are walking around with “interim” on our badges…

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Thanks for passing that along.A number of folks were reporting waits of several months to get interims. Wonder if something has changed?

@sbusquirrel… The “few months for an interim” assessment is accurate, at least for my facility. New hires are getting interims within 2-4 months regardless of S or TS level so that part of the process seems to have improved in the past couple of quarters. However, obtaining final clearances are taking as long as generally reported here so that’s where the delays are being incurred. Almost everyone who applied in my time frame (1.5 to 2 years ago) are still waiting on final clearances. My belief is that the investigations and interviews are holding up the process. All levels are getting interviews at my facility so we have concluded that the interview is the final step before closing out the investigation.