Interim Withdrawn? Confused

I was issued an interim secret in Oct. 17 and completed my interview in Nov 17. I was told by my FSO that my investigation was closed and moved to adjudication in early Feb. However, I was told this week that my interim was withdrawn but no final adjudication decision has been made for the final clearance.

Has this ever happened to anyone? Nothing in my life situation has changed, and I can’t think of any reasons for this to happen, so I’m extremely confused by this development and worried.

Getting your interim or getting denied doesn’t really matter. I come from the military. I have seen people get their interim denied and still get their final clearance. I would check to make sure your clearance is in adjudication.

An interim depends on a number of things that don’t even have anything to do with your investigation. Plenty of people get their clearance after not getting an interim.

In addition to a first look at your investigation, an interim clearance requires that your employer show that there is an exceptional need to fill a role that you are especially suitable for. You don’t get an interim clearance just because your SF-86 looks clean.

I appreciate your reply, however, I was GRANTED an interim and had it for several months. Recently it was WITHDRAWN without any additional information being provided to me or my FSO. I can’t figure out any reason why, which is why I am confused.

I guess I just wanted to see if this has happened to anyone else.

Something in your investigation popped up and the pulled your interim. You will be asked about it eventually, there’s really no way for us to tell you what it may be, how long it will take or how serious it is. My guess is that you have several months, at least, in front of you.

How is life with your clearance getting approved? I am surprised you are still on these forums! Its kind of nice to see someone that has been for awhile like me.

I’m still interested in what goes on and since I struggled through this process, I like helping others get through as well.

I would be very interested in working as an aide with a clearance lawyer. But, even beyond that, you never know what work might come up . . .


If you are in the DC area you should try and work for someone on the Intel committee. Republican or Democrat! This is my goal once I get my clearance.

Plus, I hear if I can work for a politician I can have my school debts forgiven.

Please note that interim can be pulled for any reason or no reason as it is within the discretion of the granting agency. There isn’t much that you can do about it.

Do they really pull it for “no reason”? Have you seen it happen? I understand if they did for anything negative, but I feel like in my case it is for “no reason”. I hope someone contacts me about it at least.

Most people who apply for clearances think that there is no reason for them to be denied. It’s usually just something that you didn’t know would be a problem. Something that you forgot, something that you think is small. Maybe so small that you didn’t even think to mention it on your SF-86 . . .

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Have you heard anything about your clearance? Did anyone try to contact you from investigation or adjudication?

@wullah Nope, nothing. :frowning:

Same is the case with me. There is almost 1.5 months with no news at all.
I have checked with OPM to know that my case is in adjudication.

@wullah Yes, the silence is very stressful, but not much we can do but wait. How long did it take you to get your secret before?

It took me almost 7 months to get secret clearance after submission of SF-86.

My FSO sent an inquiry to adjudicate my investigation. He received a response that my investigation is closed with pending final adjudication with DoD CAF and the PSMO is unable to provide any additional information regarding this case.

@wullah Yeah, that’s apparently their standard response unfortunately. I was reading this article recently, so you might give it a try since they also suspended your secret clearance.

You can also pull your credit report from annualcreditreport website, and see if they have checked your credit. I know you mentioned some credit issues originally.

Thanks for the information. I will give it a try. Please let me know the format of this request and turn around time if you have also inquired. Do JPAS records show the reason of suspension? I have already requested to have my OPM investigation.