Interim Withdrawn? Confused

@wullah I have not tried it yet, because I just found out about it. I read on this forum about it from some users and clearance lawyer. Apparently they have had success getting direct answers, sometimes very quickly. I do not think there is a format. Just list your personal information (Name, SSN, Address, contact info, etc.) and ask for the information that you are looking for clearly. But I think if you ask for your whole JPAS record, it may take longer? Btw, I’ve been seeing some more interims getting withdrawn at work. I wonder if it’s at one contractor? What letter does yours start with? lol

Thanks for this information. I really appreciate it. At my work there is almost a dozen interim clearances withdrawn so far. It started from late February 2018 and still continues. My clearance was withdrawn by DSS and currently adjudicated by DoDCAF.

I don’t find any issues on my annual credit report. I think that the delinquency of that account did not hit on my credit report. But, still it showed somewhere as the account was with a Government entity and its delinquency might raised some red flags.

UPDATE: I finally received my clearance after sitting in adjudication for a very long 16 months or so. I have no idea why my interim was withdrawn, I was never contacted. I also requested and received a copy of my background investigation report several months ago, but there was nothing in there that wasn’t in my SF86.

My overall advice would be to make sure the company you choose to work for has plenty of uncleared work while you go through the process, because sometimes it can be unpredictable.

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I recently was informed that interim clearances are only good for 18 months. Mine just recently got pulled exactly at the 18 month mark.

That’s rough. How is that impacting your work and status with employer?

It actually hasn’t. I need a TS-SCI for my job the Army Reserves. I have a Secret currently and I’ve been able to do my job… just limited to certain things. I’ve been in adjudication for 10 months so hopefully I get the TS soon.

Well, I am glad to hear that you are taking it well. It is very unfortunate that the loss of interims often results in job loss.

Best of luck as you move forward.

I agree. Hopefully there is some reform with the wait time with adjudications. Best of luck as well!

@Ceedeem I have not heard of that before, and I saw some people who had interim for over 2 years due to the backlog. According to my FSO interims are pulled during adjudication sometimes when they want to do a deeper review or something like that. I have seen a lot of “deadlines” thrown around these forums, but I do not believe any of them are real unfortunately. In the end, we just have to be patient.

EXecutive Order 12968 States interims are good for 180 days with the option for an extension for another 180 days.

Interesting, I guess they renew them all the time when possible!