Security Clearance SF86 - Subject's Interim Secret/Top Secret Eligibility has been withdrawn.

In response to my security clearance process I received the following message: “Message from PSMO-I: Due to additional information developed during e-QIP review process, PSMO-I has decided to revisit the previous Interim Determination. Subject’s Interim Secret/Top Secret Eligibility has been withdrawn”.
The clearing process took almost a year and a half bringing negative result. Immediately I lost a job and it has a damaging impact on my entire career.
No investigator has talk to me.
I could not think of what I have done or did not do in order to face this situation.
How to find out what’s wrong? Why our professional and financial life depends on the decision we have no impact on?

Your interim was pulled, your investigation should continue before you are given a final clearance of denial. You will be contacted by an investigator and you will find out what the issue is.

In the meantime, pull your credit reports and review the adjudication guidelines, you should be able to find them online. This will give you some help in determining what the issue is. If you have a copy of your SF-86, review your answers and look for somewhere that you might have fallen short, even by mistake, of being completely honest.

This is all part of the process. I would suggest that you find other work because this could take quite a bit of time.

I am in the same boat and our time of interim clearance withdrawal is about the same. Have you heard anything?

Sorry I have not replied earlier, but it is better since yesterday I have applied to the company that required a Security Clearance, not in DOD. I ask their security officer to check the status of my case. Apparently, my, so called adjudication was closed. It was just closed(!?!) without any obvious reasons. It was closed without any either denial, or permission. As a result I lost a job, and not just that - 2 very successful professional interviews ended up with nothing; both companies related to DOD. Nobody was able to figure out why, by whom and so on… This clearance process is the most ignorant procedure I have ever seen. I still cannot comprehend how this process could exist in the United States. I am from the former USSR. If it would happen there, I would not be surprised, but here…
Anyway, I will never, ever go to work for any company that has a DOD contract.


You don’t say? In your initial post, you didn’t say anything about being from foreign nation.

Do you think that something developed through that connection might have come up?

@sas Did an investigator ever interview you? Was your investigation closed and sent for adjudication?

If I understand correctly, your interim was withdrawn and as a result, you lost your original job. Your case was likely “closed” because you no longer had a company sponsoring your clearance.

If you have not been denied, a new company should be able to pick up the sponsorship and allow the process to continue again or restart.

Very good point, but… (as always)

  1. I applied for the Clearance in July of 2015.
  2. OPM investigation was finished in August 2016.
  3. Adjudication was “finished”, case closed in February of 2018 and in the middle of March of 2018 I was told that Interim was withdrawn and I cannot work anymore.

I can verify only the 1st and the 2nd statements, the 3rd one - I was told by my security officer and security officer of another organization.
DOD CAF is silent, as you know, they refuse to have a conversation with you.

Regarding interview: I was never talk to anybody, neither people I used for reference. Also, I was not separated from the company. I do not collect any money since do not do any work; company keeps me with the hope (the one I do not have) that I will be able to come back.

I am a US citizen for 25 years.
I do not have dual citizenship.
I have NEVER visited places I left 30 years ago.
I do not have ANY property abroad.
Periodically I talk to my 2 classmates over the Skype.
FBI and Law Enforcement agency do not have any records on me.
My FICO score is “very high”.
My professional record is destroyed for no reason.

Item three above is simply not true. If you had an interim clearance, your adjudication was not “finished” in February of 2018. Your investigation may have been closed and adjudication started. I don’t know.

Your interim was revoked. That’s not the end of the process and it’s not the end of your career. The difficult truth is that you have no right to an interim clearance. No one else does either.

I suspect that you will receive something from DoDCAF. If your company continues to sponsor you, your adjudication continues. There is no fixed timeline and no one here can tell you when you will receive the expected SOR. At that point, you will be able to appeal the decision and defend yourself.

You can, perhaps should, retain a clearance lawyer at this point and find out what is happening.

@sas That’s a long timeline, is it for TS?

Item 3 simply makes no sense. I believe you are still in adjudication. You should contact the FSO of your sponsoring company and ask her to clarify what “finished” means. Either your case was discontinued, or adjudicated.

All EdFarmerIII’s statements regarding my “case closed” are correct - it is not closed. I was not accurately informed. Yesterday I had another very successful professional interview and spoke with knowledgeable security officer, who told me that adjudication is not done yet, but Interim remains denied. It has been 2 years since adjudication begun. I did not get a job. Looks like I am in in the end of tunnel. Horrible.

@sas Ok, that’s what I thought. Anyway, if the company is still sponsoring it, then you just have to go get a job that doesn’t require a clearance at all or not immediately.