Interim Top Secret Clearance Temporarily Rescinded

I have started with my current employer with Full Secret Clearance. I was given an option to upgrade my secret clearance to Top Secret Clearance, which I took and applied for Top Secret Clearance. I got the Interim Top Secret Clearance right away. However, I am told by our FSO this week that the government has temporarily rescinded its interim secret clearance decision pending the completion of investigation and I don’t have any clearance. The same FSO has told me in November last year that my investigation is ended and my case is at adjudication. My current work only requires Secret Clearance.
Does this rescission of Interim Top Secret Clearance effects my final secret clearance. How long the adjudication process will take in my case?

You’re not in adjudication yet . . . Your investigation is still open.

Were you working on an interim secret when you applied to upgrade to TS? Something was discovered in that process that is putting your secret clearance at risk as well.

Nobody here can tell you how long any of these processes will take.

I had full secret clearance before applied to TS. Now, I know that I am still in investigation.

Do you think if they will start the investigation process all over and try to conduct interviews with me and my references at some point?

I don’t understand, you said you had the interim secret clearance rescinded but you claim you had full secret.

The investigator found some derogatory information during your SSBI and rescinded your interim TS. The investigation will continue through adjudication with ultimately you being granted final clearance or your TS denied and your secret revoked.

Similar thing happened to me this week, except with interim secret. I have no idea why. I am very confused.

I am going through same confusion. I have talked to my FSO and apparently he has no answers as well. He advised me to wait and see. I don’t know if my current employer will keep me either on payroll or let me go.
I was having the Full Secret Clearance since 2015. I was given an option to update my clearance level from Secret to Top Secret when I started with my current employer in 2016, which I accepted. I got my interim top secret clearance in the very first week after I applied and now everything is rescinded.

Sorry to hear that. Yeah, I hope we get some answers. Did you have anything on your SF 86 that you think might have caused this?

I have no idea if there is any. I hope to hear form anyone within few weeks. There is probably no time line that government follows in these situations. How about you? what are the problems in your case?

I have just find that my account was delinquent due to missed tax payment from last year for my car. I think this could be the reason as DSS is very strict on finiancial issues. My tax amount was couple of hundred dollars that I paid right away.
Can anyone advise if only the payment of this delinquent amount will help my case or I have to go through some programs like personal financial management etc?