My TS timeline and interim TS suspension

SF-86 Submitted : 04/16
SF- 86 Accepted : 05/16
Interim TS granted : 06/16
Interview. : 10/16
References contacted by phone only. : 03/17
FSO respond to my inquiry that my TS is currently being adjudicated : 10/17
Interim TS temporarily suspended: 03/18
FSO informed that my Interim TS is temporarily suspended and the DSS provides no reason. He further added that my TS is currently being adjudicated and it may take several months before we hear anything. Can someone please advise that what should I do in my situation? My interim TS was pending for two years before it gets temporarily suspended. As per my FSO’s instructions, I should wait. Does anyone knows any timeline that government follows to respond in my situation? Any response will be greatly appreciated.

Interesting. Similar thing happened to me a few weeks ago, but I only had my interim a few months. I’ve heard of other people experiencing this as well. I still haven’t heard anything and am completely clueless as well. Perhaps there’s a policy change? Maybe they are revisiting SF-86s and interim determinations? No idea.

Why did your FSO say “temporarily”?

Somebody else reported that they and a number of other folks at their location had their interims revoked/rescinded/vacated/whatever. From what little I know of interims, you won’t have your interim reinstated, you’ll have to wait for the final adjudication. Unfortunately there is no good timeline estimate any of us can give, except to offer the unhappy observation that if your interim was taken away, they must have found something they didn’t like, which means you won’t be one of the fast cases.

I am already one of the most delayed case. I was granted interim TS and the full was pending for almost 2 years. What is the next step? Am I receiving SOR, LOI, or invitation to be interviewed again?

If you can’t think of anything that might have caused it, then your guess is as good as mine. I hope we hear something soon though.

Here’s the thing . . . As I understand it, most people misunderstand the what’s and why’s of “interim” clearance.

You have no right to an interim. Not every company asks for them for every position. They are granted based, in part on the need for and difficulty of acquiring employees with certain skills for certain projects. It may simply be that your project no longer warrants interim clearances.

If something were found in your investigation, I am certain that you would hear about it soon but you did say, didn’t you, that a number of people at your company had the same problem. That makes it sound more general than an issue with you personally.

I believe this is incorrect. PSMO-I automatically considers all applicants for interim eligibility. But they can certainly grant/deny/withdraw for any reason.

Used to be, interims were almost always granted and it took less than two weeks. I think all they had to do was run a National Agency Check and that used to be pretty quick.

These days, of course, everything takes a long time. I suspect they still run the current version of the NAC but they must do a screen of the SF-86 and if everything looks good you get an interim… maybe.

If I have that right, then I further suspect that if the investigation turns up something, then it gets reported back and the interim could be withdrawn. HOWEVER this is not necessarily an indicator that the clearance will not be granted… eventually.

When an interim clearance is withdrawn, it’s almost always because potentially disqualifying information that was not listed on the SF86 surfaces during the background investigation. In a small percentage of cases the adjudicator who granted the interim clearance made a mistake and shouldn’t have granted the interim. Review the Adjudicative Guidelines to see if there might be something you overlook as a potential problem. If there’s nothing on your SF86 that could be potentially disqualifying (and you filled it out truthfully), then request a copy of your investigative file from OPM (or the agency that did the investigation if it wasn’t OPM). You can request your OPM file using OPM’s form INV 100. If you’re a DoD contractor, you can request a copy of your JPAS record. Adjudicators usually annotate notes in the Adjudicative Summary section of the JPAS Person Summary Page that indicate why an interim clearance was withdrawn.


Has anyone sent in a INV 100 to NBIB/OPM and if so what was the turn around?

Very similar timeline for me for Secret. Initial submission and interim the beginning of 2016, adjudication starting first half of 2017, interim cancelled 3/2018.

I do wonder if there was some reevaluation or something triggered for cases in the queue for a similar timeframe…

@rsill So you have been in adjudication for over a year??? Did you have an interview to discuss any potential issues?

Just under a year in adjudication, actually. My only interview was around 9/2016 just to restate my SF-86.

I can’t understand how it can take that long. Complicated case with a lot of travel??

My interim clearance is in adjudication since October 2017 (confirmed that with OPM). I have no idea for how long my employer will keep its patience with me.

@opamp I probably had an above-average number of foreign contacts from academia (most of which the investigator dismissed as inconsequential when we spoke). Maybe 6 international trips to check.

I know a couple people with less than that who have been in the process that long – don’t know what to make of it but life goes on.

@rsill You mentioned international travel and contacts from academia-I have the same situation and disclosed it on my eQIP. I also have an anxiety disorder that I disclosed. Do you think I have a shot an interim secret?

@math Shouldn’t be disqualifying on its own but interim is kinda capricious. One tip to make things go smoother, though: let your doctor know that someone will come knocking to ask about you. Mine was reluctant at first to answer questions about me.

Interims are not being given out the way that they used to be . . . There has to be an overriding need for your position to be filled in order for an interim to be requested/granted.

@rsill thanks for the reply. I’ll give him a heads up and make sure I sign anything I need in advance.