Clearance TimeLine (Still Waiting)

I had been working for DoD position that required Public Trust past 5 years. I got a new job requiring Secret Clearance. The new company asked for my interim so I can start working. Here is my timeline. I am currently working at the new company under interim secret clearance status.

SF-86 Submitted: 09/12/2017
Interim granted: 10/06/2017
Interview: 12/08/2017

My interview took only an answer since “information was quite straightforward” as said by the investigator. I haven’t seen any inquiry on my credit report monitoring website that says it was done by OPM.
My personal references were contacted in January. One interviewed/met with the investigator and the other one wasn’t able to due to scheduling issues. He is still waiting for a call back since he is in a different city.
Would also like to mention that when I received interim, I was told that by FSO that my “interim has been reinstated”. This left me wondering!!
Any thoughts/feedback on this timeline and what the current trend has been time-wise for getting a full secret clearance would be appreciated.

Credit was pulled. Guaranteed.

DoD? Prepare for a long wait.

Reference had scheduling problems? I.e. didn’t meet with the investigator within a week? Good chance they were reported as not being interviewed. We can only give your references so much time before we have to press on to someone else or the next case.

This reference lives in one city and works in another one. Gets home at night. He told the investigator he can meet at his (reference’s) work location. Investigator said the other city is not in my jurisdiction and will have another investigator from that city contact him. He never heard from the other investigator.