How long does it for OPM to contact your references, neighbors, and supervisors?

From the time OPM receive your investigation packet how long does it take for them to do a criminal and financial check, and contact your references, neighbors, and supervisors? It been a week so far, and I haven’t received any phone calls yet from hr or an investigator.

@Slug a week is like the wink of an eye in today’s investigation world. In fact it is like a half blink or just a twitch. You may not hear from anybody for months! Everything is horribly backlogged. In days gone by, you could reasonably expect to be contacted by someone within about 90 days, or get feedback from neighbors/friends/coworkers that they had been contacted. But it does not seem to work that way anymore.

I even saw one person who said it took them eight months just to get an INTERIM clearance! Those used to be granted in two weeks or less!

Hopefully your case will go more quickly but it could be a while.

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Sit back and Stand By to Stand By… I submitted in August 2016 and my employer and credit wasn’t checked until Nov 2016. Mid February 2017 I had my interview with investigator…

Thanks for the info everyone, just dont have an eod, trying to figure out when I would began work. 2 month is what expected its funny how psip advertise it takes 24 days for secret. I glad I am not one of those people calling HR everyday and asking questions.

At this point it could take years. Seriously! I’m seeing cases that are two years old and still not complete. OPM and the prime investigative contractors have screwed up the entire process. They do not treat the investigators very well and as a result turnover is ridiculous. If they treated investigators better we wouldn’t be in this situation. Don’t believe that its due to the USIS collapse because its not. Its because they cant hold on to investigators as they don’t pay fair wages and the productivity requirements are absurd. I’m hoping for your sake that your investigation type does not require much field work and you are clean enough to pass an interim because if not get comfortable as it could be awhile. Good luck!

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My investigation was opened 9/15 and employer contacted 9/21, so it was 6 days in my case. But none of my friends/I haven’t received any calls or contact since.

Was this for a secret clearance?

affirmative, dod contractor

How did you find out your investigation open date? I submitted my eqip May 2016 but my FSO and contact from FOIA only tells me my case is “pending” and no other information.

I submitted my SF86 for TS Nov 30 2015, Dec 7th I was informed that Interim was granted, mid month I noticed a credit report was pulled on me, I was getting excited and then bam!! nothing to this date so far, no reference has been contacted yet, this is now getting quite depressing as I have passed up so much work. My HR dept contacted their office and all they will reply is my case is still open. So 14 months so far, is htis ubsurd?


They should be able to see when it opened in JPAS. And if you are referring to “Eligibility Pending” status that means your interim got denied and you have to wait for the full investigation. I am in the same boat.

no on my jpas it shows ts interim

The thing is that they never tell me “eligibility” pending. I would understand if my interim is denied since I have a foreign spouse. I always wondered if my “pending” is really eligibility pending. And Jack 14 months is absurd. I’m at 9 months and its driving me crazy… I am starting to find a new job at this point. At least you got the interim and hopefully you are eligible to work with it.

well I spent alot of free time in europe and have relatives there that may be an issue also, I do have S active for 22 yrs and may just fall back on that for now

thia is a list of all the JPAS statuses

Thanks! Looks like pending is the same as eligibility pending.

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA a week? You have only been waiting a week? Sorry that is really funny. As an investigator I have been assigned cases that are 2 years old. Cases a year old seem to be the norm. My own investigation was “fast tracked” as a priority and it took 10 months.


There have also been a couple reports of people getting “interims” after 4-6 months. This is for a Secret clearance that, a couple years ago, my employer (contractor) was seeing routinely granted in 90 days. For a FINAL, not an interim.

The phrase “hot mess” comes to mind. See another person’s post about people living on Mars before it gets “fixed.”

I’m an FI too, that’s pretty unusual to hear because myself and all my colleagues were fast tracked for the job. All of our investigations took around 4-6 weeks start to finish–eQip to final adjudication.

Maybe it depends on the area or the company and the timing - my investigation was 2 years ago. Glad that yours went faster, maybe improvements have been made. Lets hope so.