Question about Adjudication Status

Hello everybody, I have been lurking around here since I submitted my SF-86. I had a question regarding if there was real information regarding the status once it is in the adjudication phase. My timeline so far has been

February 2017: SF-86 Submitted
January 2018: Interview Completed
June 2018: Girlfriend was interviewed for my clearance

So my girlfriend got interviewed as a contact and it was in a different state. Apparently it has to get sent back to where I live? Does anyone have any experience for how long it has taken them so far? I only applied for my secret and have nothing of note in my history besides being a former Japanese citizen. Thank you!

Well this question has been asked a thousand times. No one can tell you how long your process will take. All of us are waiting, and looking for timelines. Just because your girlfriend was contacted, doesn’t mean your investigation is over. There could be other investigative portions still open. Even if it was completed and sent to adjudication, some of us have waited over 6 months from when we knew we were in adjudications. From start to finish most people are waiting 1-3 years for a final clearance.

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Sadly the above is correct. I assume you are now a naturalized citizen? If so, welcome aboard. I enjoyed living in Japan for 6 years. I would absolutely expect your clearance to run longer than most. They will really want to source your family ties and make sure as they can about loyalties and influence. Rest assured there are plenty naturalized citizens that are cleared. It is normal to have out of state investigators interview people there and send results to the investigator. 18 months for a TS is not unusual at all, 6 to 8 months for Secret. Even 2 years for TS is not out of the norm. So you are likely just now entering the zone where the bulk of those submitted get the results.

I am now a naturalized citizen so thanks! Haha I’m scheduled to deploy out in December after it’s been pushed back multiple times. I am only trying to get a secret so I was hoping that maybe I was getting close. It’s been almost a year and a half since I submitted my sf. Thank you both for the information though I am just going to hope for things to move forward. It’s just stressful as I’m sure everybody in this forum knows I think we all just want to move forward in life.

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I totally get the stress part. It is hard living under the dangling sword. But if you were honest and there is nothing to hide you will clear. I find the system heavily in favor of the person.

Lol that’s the part that sucks the most. I’ve been extremely boring my whole life. No trouble with the law, only know my grandma, credit history is good. Just playing the waiting game.

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For what it’s worth just so I give anyone who reads this some idea. I did finally get my clearance. The adjudication process took less than a month for my secret.


Super. Usually means there wasn’t any misconduct to review. Just look at the various BI info and vote yes. Some times if there are minor issues they need weigh the evidence and look at the whole person and determine if there is a reason to say no. Those rightfully take longer.