Received Final Secret in December 2018 and Upgraded to TS This week

Hey guys I’m curious about TS process. Please correct me if I am wrong but before I ask questions I want to clarify my background:

My current job puts everyone in for Secret then upgrades to a TS wherever applicable so they can move us around whenever there is a need. I’ve disclosed in my previous eqip foreign relatives in asia (this was the hang up for me) and a dui arrest in 2016. I also listed usage of drugs in college last used in 2015. I have not used any drugs since. I was born here and have never had a dual citizenship.

From what I understand a secret is a T3 investigration and top secret is T5 investigation. My original T3 investigation consisted of filling out the EQIP, waiting for 5 months to meet with an investigator then clarifying the previously mentioned foreign relatives I listed. I then waited 3 Months later and was cleared without further action on my part totaling to almost a 9 month wait for my Secret.

Now here are my questions:

  • What is the difference between a Secret and TS process?
  • What is the typical timeline? I assume 1-3 years.
  • If I leave my current federal job for a contractor position (Im interviewing for Secret and TS roles) what happens to my current Secret clearance? What about my pending TS investigation? Would it continue if I went to a contractor with Secret or must I go to a contractor position that requires TS to maintain the investigation? Or does it not matter once it begins?
  • Lastly the email states “Your position has been upgraded to a Top Secret, please follow the instructions…” So is this TS or SCI? The email was very vague.

Sorry if the post is confusing. If any clarifications is needed, feel free to ask and I will follow up the best I can.

TS - fill out SF86 again. Probably same answers as before. 18-36 months is possible. You’ll get an actual Enhanced Subject Interview. They will go talk to people you put as references, former employers, high school, college, etc. Credit report gets pulled. Spouse name check. FinCen checks. Foreign reference checks. Foreign travel checks. More in depth.

No not SCI. You need TS first

TS investigation would likely continue once started. No guarantees though

@compsci36 Thank you for your concise answer. What is an Enhanced Subject Interview? I assume this is the poly?

Hopefully someone else can chime in whether the TS investigation and current secret security clearances continues if I leave federal for contractor.

Poly is a separate process required for certain agencies.

@compsci36 thank you for the link. It was very helpful. Seems very similar to what i did when i sat down, clarified and explained any issues last year.

The email doesnt mention poly for my agency. But I assume I will do it for SCI either way (or go through it went I move to a contractor secured role)