TS Clearance - Secret Eligible?

I’m applying for TS/SCI and my clearance/access is still pending, but I just got an update that a T3 investigation was completed and I am eligible for Secret. What does this mean?? Was I found eligible for secret but not TS? Why was a T3 investigation conducted if I’m applying for TS? I’m confused.

Is it possible you had another application for a different job going?
Also, the job/employer you are speaking of may have adjusted the needs of the investigation and clearance after making a change in-house to the position (the position may have been downgraded in clearance level). It is also possible that someone has made a mistake. I would contact the security or HR rep you have been in contact with regarding this position.

Quick story here… I was interviewing an Army E9 for a triggered interview when he casually asked how long his TS would take. I told him a very long time as he was submitted for a secret level investigation. Four weeks later I was doing his Subject interview for the Tier 5.
Someone might have coded your submission for the wrong investigation type. We see this occasionally.

If it is a mistake do you think I would have to start the process again or would they just re-do the investigation for the correct clearance level?

All of this information is on my “security portal” for my company. I’ve been in the position for almost 6 months and going through the clearance process since I started. I also think it’s highly unlikely that my clearance changed from TS to secret without my knowledge…

You would be surprised what goes on without people’s knowledge.

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if they have to upgrade from Secret to Top Secret they may have to start at least some of the investigation again - See backgdinvestigators response where he was back with the same person doing an the interview for a higher level investigation…

Not unlikely at all and happens way more often than some would think.

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Just wanted to hop back on here (now that I know what happened with my clearance application) to let you know you were exactly right. I was submitted and adjudicated for secret instead of TS… now i’m starting the process all over again with eQIP and fingerprints. Really wishing I or someone from my company’s security services had noticed this before I waited 6 months for clearance, but here’s to hoping round 2 goes well!