Changing career field


i am new to this. I have received a job offer in Sep last year which required a TS SCI clearance. The job was program analyst for Kelly AFB. Because my clearance took so long ( I am naturalized citizen), i thought i might not get it, even though i had a secret clearance. Meanwhile i received a new job offer that did not need a clearance and i took the job in June 20. The job offer that needed the TS SCI was rescinded as they asked me to notify them if i take another job, and i did, but the investigation continued, In Aug 20 i had the interview and my clearance was adjudicated in Oct 20.

So since this current position does not require a clearance, what does this mean? I have not been indoctrinated.
What would be my chances to switch career fields from quality and risk in military healthcare to intel, as this is where i’d love to work ?
Am i losing the clearance if my current job does not require it?

Thank you.

Why would you agree to an interview and continue an investigation you knew was no longer needed?

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Was I not allowed? I thought it would be good to have to apply again for the same type of job I was offered last year

The clearance is tied to the position, not the person. It was a just waste of time and resources to continue an investigation for a position you were not taking.


Maybe but that is not @claudinni’s fault. Sometimes the investigations get shut down, sometimes they don’t. It was on that investigator’s list for that day.

You did nothing wrong. Your investigation was already paid for or it wouldn’t have been conducted. You have a completed investigation and possibly a determination of “eligible” on file. You do not have a clearance. If you take a new job that requires that clearance your new employer can request a re determination based of your current investigation on file. That takes about 2 weeks if all goes well. If you were truly adjudicated by DoDCAF, that investigation is valid for 24 months.

Thank you, I started freaking out that maybe I did… so I talked to my security officer and he said I got it and that it was adjudicated… you said it’s valid for 2 years, so I should apply for jobs now ? Is there anything I need to know and how to change my career field ? Thank you for your advice.

Actually I waited in the clearance and wanted to take the position very much, but when I saw I didn’t get the interim , I consulted with people and took another job because due to covid and everything I thought it would take a long time and I might not even get the clearance. After I got the new job, I wrote my employer and told them, the investigation continued and I’m happy I got it, I’m not going to lie, but I was honest about the new job. The agency is the same one though so maybe that’s why it continued…