SCI va TS question?!

I’m still trying to grasp nuances of SCI. I’ve got a TS. Whilw back I was hired for a cleared job, was told I needed to fill out a disclosure form for the SCI. Filled out the form , they said it was accepted , started work and assumed I had the SCI. Then I took a different Defense job. Different company, different customer. This job wants me to fill out an update to my Equip SF86 to get the SCI. thats in progress. Then talked to a recruiter for still another company and agency. He said that that agency was only interested in people with a current TS and SCI. I thought that the SCI was only per job on a need to know read in status. So my last one ended with that job and the SCI I will get will end if I leave this job. Or does the SCI “adjudication” process stay with the person if they switch jobs? I’ve googled it and only takeaway that SCI is not a clearance, it’s access to a subset of secured info. So who’s right, me or the recruiter? Thanks in advance.

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I believe the idea is that you are granted “eligibility” for access to SCI based on a favorably adjudicated investigation. That is what gets entered in the database (JPAS, DISS, whatever). When the company goes to look you up, they’ll see your eligibility.

If you do not currently have such eligibility, they can put you in for it. The customer might use your existing investigation if it is recent or they might want to start a new one.

That’s my understanding at least.