Determining My SCI Adjudication Status

Dear Sir or Ms.:

I was able to determine from my FSO that the file for my SCI adjudication was at the Air Force Central Adjudication Facility (AFCAF) for at least 10 months. My file may have been at AFCAF possibly several months even longer than the 10 moths that is known.

I then received notice from the cleared defense contractor that it would end my sponsorship for SCI access as per its policy change for sponsorship it recently implemented.

This is the clearance I have at the moment: Active Top Secret (TS) Clearance Based On In-Scope SSBI; DCID 6/4 SCI Eligibility Pending

My question is this. Is there any agency who I can write to, i.e. the Defense Security Service, AFCAF, etc. where I can enquire as to the status of my SCI adjudication and learn how close I was to completing the adjudication process? I believe there is an address that a person can write to learn the status of their TS adjudication. I thought there might be a similar address where a person could write to enquire about the status of an SCI adjudication.

My motivation for wanting to know how far I was along in the SCI adjudication process is for future job application purposes.

Since a TS/SCI is often associated with more job opportunities than a TS with SSBI by itself, I would like to let a potential employer know how close I was to having the Air Force adjudicate my SCI when my cleared defense contractor dropped me from sponsorship due to a change in its policy.

Also, as a follow up question, in your professional opinion, would it make much difference to a potential future employer to know how close I was to having my SCI adjudicated? Since there is nothing in my background that would have prevented me from being adjudicated the SCI, is letting a potential employer know how close I was an important point, so they know I would have little or no difficulty in being adjudicated an SCI should they decide to sponsor me?

Thank you for your time and for any advice or information you can share.

There is no avenue to find out “how close” you were to becoming eligible for SCI, and it does not make a difference to any agency when you were not granted SCI. Had you been granted SCI eligibility then another agency could have used reciprocity in granting you SCI, but because your were never in access than the process had to be started over again regardless. Make sense?

Thank you for taking time to reply. I guess the intent of my wanting to know how close I came to being granted SCI eligibility, is that I could convey that to another employer so they could be reasonably assured that if they sponsored me for SCI, that I would be granted eligibility.

As you can tell from the gist of my message, the whole security clearance process is very mysterious and sometimes baffling. Does the fact that I have an SSBI help convey to a future employer that it would be somewhat easy for me to be granted SCI eligibility?

I guess I’m just trying to figure out how I can make the best of the situation I have been dealt as I search for other career opportunities

Thank you again for your time and sharing your expertise.

Because you already have an active TS based on a favorable SSBI it will be easier for an agency to sponsor you for SCI access. That is about the most you will get out it. SCI is based on need for access and is strictly controlled in today’s security environment.

Mr. Hakamaa:

I appreciate you taking the time to explain to me the best possible outcome I might expect from my situation. I may have not phrased my initial questions in the easiest to understand phrasing, but you were able to get to the gist of my enquiry and answered my question with clarity.

As I wrote earlier, much of the security clearance process is shrouded in mystery and it is not easy to find people who are knowledgeable about the process.

Thank you for the valuable service you perform helping to explain this complicated process. Your efforts are appreciated.