Clearance Adjudication

I called the OPM and was told that my investigation was closed on 5/28/19 and sent to adjudication. I believe I am being investigated for Secret clearance. My question, is there a way to track the status of the adjudication process like the background investigation process i.e. to find out to which DoD branch the report was sent to for adjudication and a contact number to find out status.

I am asking because I accepted a job offer with a defense contractor and that original position was filled because my clearance took too long. I was told by the recruiter that if the clearance comes I will need to apply for any new positions open at that time for a new offer. It seems that the security officer at the contractor doesn’t want to do much and thus I am doing all the leg work to get my clearance approved. So, need to know if and when I am granted clearance so that I can apply for a new position. My timeline below

  • 4/18 submitted SF86
  • 11/18 contacted hiring manager about status and was told no updates, mind you I was contacting security officer regularly between now and when form was submitted, but a few days later received a call from an investigator asking basic background info and was asked if I was willing to do an interview, I said yes and was told another investigator would contact back soon to schedule it.
    -2/19 Was not contacted till now about scheduling interview so I contacted the original investigator (believe he might have been a supervisor, just speculating) and pleaded for some status update. Within a day was contacted by another investigator to schedule interview.
    -3/19 Interview occurred by telecom and was told only one issue was found, which was my college degree was not confirmed by the university I got it from. Was told it was not an issue and should be approved for interim clearance. Finally, investigation was closed on 5/28/19.

Essentially, I had to nudge my investigation along. I am a naturalized US citizen who was previously an Indian citizen who went to university in the US.

Any information people on this forum can provide would be helpful.

So…did you graduate or not? Just curious. You may have lost sponsorship. That is a legitimate question the company should be able to answer. At times they will let you stay in the clearance process as they routinely need cleared people. Since you moved into adjudication I am thinking you did not lose sponsorship. You are close so hang in there. But no there is no tracking device to tell you how far along you are in adjudication. It is based on how difficult your issues are/were. If everything checked out to include the degree, it will go fairly fast. If it is complicated maybe not.

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I did graduate and the university sure contacts me for alumni donations :grinning:… I am guessing the month plus time frame between the interview and investigation closure had to do with the degree issue as I have no criminal history, no credit issues, foreign allegiance etc. that the investigator brought up or wanted to discuss. He even told me the fact that we are having a telecom interview and not face to face interview was a good sign and I had no major issues.

I guess I will ask to see if I lost sponsorship, just to confirm. The OPM told me that my investigation was closed so does that clearly mean that I still have sponsorship or could that also mean that it was closed because I lost sponsorship? I did not straight out ask them, when I called, if my file was sent to adjudication just verified that my investigation was closed and assumed it was sent to adjudication. I saw other posts here where they state they contacted the Dept of State to check status of adjudication. Can that not be done anymore?

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Loss of sponsorship simply means the company is no longer sponsoring your clearance. So continue to apply for cleared positions and even with the company you previously were waiting with. They may very well have other cleared positions right now. With 3% unemployment it is a tight job market for employers. You are in the catbird seat.

It sounds like they are continuing to sponsor you, but you will have to apply for new positions when you are cleared.

Adjudication can take anywhere from 3 months to around 2 years.

Not unusual for a company to sponsor multiple people for the position and only have 2 or 3 clear. First one out the gate normally gets the offer. If they have other cleared work they can offer you what is available at that time. And there are no guarantees the pay will match. If you get cleared, take what they have if it works financially for you.

Just wanted to update that I got my clearance last week. It took about 2 weeks to adjudicate. I have interviews scheduled in the coming weeks for positions that are open and everything looks good going forward. Thanks for everyone’s input!


Congratulations! I went through a similar issue but I am a fed so it was a bit easier on my end. My case just closed and being transferred to another agency for the new job I was offered so I was told now that it will be transferred and assigned for adjudication next week. Crossing my fingers mine only takes 2 weeks like yours!

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I’m confused by this thread. You were adjudicated without an empmoyment offer? You are still interviewing for positions?

His company filled the slot (or closed the slot) but allowed the BI to continue. Now he’s applying for other jobs with the same company (or others).


Fed, it happens all the time. My company interviews numerous candidates, submits several for clearance, fully intending to hire all of them if they clear…but first out of the system with the required clearance gets the best seat. With 422 positions I averaged just under 50 security interviews this past quarter. So 200 interviews just to keep the wheels on the train. Mind you I eliminated a third due to adjudicative reasons. I only submit those I know I can get cleared (if they are honest.)

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Thanks for the clarification guys! I learn something new every day!