Adjudication timeline

I am a DoD contractor and was hired on by my employer in July of 2015. I was informed the job was contingent upon receiving an interim clearance. I submitted my SF86 and was interviewed twice by an investigator in early fall of 2015. I never heard anything back and assumed everything was good to go. Today, I inquired about my clearance level and spoke by the Security Officer. I was informed that the investigation for my TS clearance had completed in 2015, yet no decisions were ever made. The security officer said they had inquired about the status of my clearance this past March and were told that they were not able to adjudicate at that time. Furthermore, the security officer said that a determination for the interim clearance had not been provided as well.

It’s been nearly two years now. What is going on? I have several co-workers who were hired in 2016 and have already been granted clearances. The security officer told me not to worry. However, after being employed for nearly two years, I would hate to find out my clearance is not going to be granted and lose my job. Is is normal to wait this long?

It is not normal, the investigation seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle during the turbulent times when OPM was under the gun for the breach, loss of their prime contract investigators, and other issues. There are a sprinkling of other cases just like yours in the same status. Investigation shows complete but no final adjudication was made. The fact that you have been working the entire time is good, so you will just have to keep pushing on the security officer to keep him pushing on the DoD CAF to get the case closed out.

I submitted my equip back in December 2016, around January I heard that my employer got contact regarding my security clearance. I haven’t heard anything since then. My sponsor told me 2 months ago that they were pushing to get me an “waiver” but last I heard they said it will still take several months. Anyone in this same timeline? what to expect?? Thank you.

My case took 2 years but I finally got my TS. Investigator told me last year they had huge backlog. I didn’t really do anything on my part besides sitting and waiting for the decision. However, I have extensive family overseas what could be a reason of the delay plus some minor errors in application.

wow 2 years!! thats scary, i havent been even called for an interview yet

Congrats on getting your clearance. It sucks you had to wait that long, but you have finally got it which is exciting. If you don’t mind, how long did adjudication take for you? I’m coming up on 2 years since submitting the sf86 form, and 13 months in adjud.

So, I received a call yesterday from the investigator, I have the interview next week…so excited that things are starting to move again…can anybody tell me how much longer after the interview will my clearance be awarded?? Thanks

I submitted packet and E-QIP in early April, spoke with investigator in early May, investigators have followed up on all my contacts, school, records, employment, etc, also met one on one with an investigator. I can’t find anywhere a concrete time frame for clearance, and honestly, no one knows how long the process takes, some people take 3 months, some 2 years. Good luck, the waiting game is really hard, I know what you’re going through.

thanks for your reply, wow I submitted my e-qip back in December 2016, this makes no sense at all, I should be ahead of you and yet we are in the same boat…I really hope at least I get an interim soon after the interview…hoping for the best.

Not many finishing in three months these days, but two years (or close to it) is not unheard of.

This article written over a year ago still has bearing:

My son has been waiting for 2 years. They say he’s in the adjudication stage but that has been that way for over a year now. I don’t understand why especially if things are opening up. He’s only 23 years old. He hasn’t done much in his life for this to take this long. Who can he contact?

From my understanding, the only individual that will have knowledge regarding his clearance status is the servicing FSO. I fully understand the process and can be frustrating but, stay positive and all will be in favor of your son.