In adjudication

August 10, 2017- Job acceptance
August 31th- eQIP submitted
mid-March 2018- references contacted/interviewed
March 31st- subject interview
Early April- last reference (that I know of) interviewed
May 7th- learned from FSO that my case is with an adjudicator

My record’s squeaky clean. Perhaps I’m almost done? I’m up for TS.

Who the heck knows, that’s the best any of us can say here!

there some people that have been in adjudcation for over a year and some of us have been in adjudacation since the beginning of the year…most of us have squeaky clean records…its simply a hugh mess…oh and what agency is your clearance through…there are people on here waiting on DOD,DOS,DOE,DHS…we all would like to hope that one is faster than the other but reality is, I mentioned earlier, its one big mess and all you can do is hurry up and wait…and the wait is months and sometimes years…

Are you just out of college? Those seemingly go a lot faster.

Haha, okay. Thanks guys!

Do you find yourself honking your horn in traffic or yelling out the window asking what’s going on?

No, I’m not. Been out for a while.

Lol, huh? I’m a pretty patient person, if that’s what you’re asking, haha.

It’s DoD. And wow, that’s crazy. I know the entire process can take years, but the investigation part seemed to go pretty quickly for me, so maybe I’m banking on that for adjudication. We’ll see!

yep, mine only took 6 months to get to adjudacation, then the brake came on and this is for only a secert but its with DoS…nothing but crickets, i do hope you break the code and get it quick…it will give others on here a glimmer of hope…lol…good luck.

I thought I was patient too. That was 17 months ago that I started the aggravation oh I mean adjucation phase.

Did you get your clearance yet?

It is so bad at DoS right now when you call the sercurity Clearance customer service hotline all you get is an answering machine.

I accidentally clicked to post that last reply before I finished. Long story short, turns out my case was never with an adjudicator. The FSO was mistaken I guess. She says my status at the time that I asked her read, “Closing Action Scheduled” which she apparently was told that meant it was in adjudication. As of three weeks ago, my background investigator submitted my case to OPM, and it’s under “OPM review” (whatever that means…these were background investigator’s words). So, still waiting! And looking for another job while I wait.

I believe mine took 52 days in OPM review, but my case is a little complicated (I moved around a lot). I have been in adjudication since 5/24/18. Hoping to hear something within the next two weeks. I am right there with you, I am more than ready to move on from my current position.

Did you end up getting your clearance? If so, can you update me with your timeline? Mine is currently with an adjudicator so I am waiting on when I can finally start my new job


Hey pineapplepizza,

Found out on August 6th that I received my TS officially on July 31st and that the job I was up for was no longer available. Found a better one within 48 hours that’s closer to where I live that pays a whole lot more. Started in October after waiting for suitability.

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HI! Are you still in adjudication? Is it for a contractor position or directly with an agency? I was told by my recruiter that I was in the final stages of evaluation for a clearance, I am assuming that is adjucation but I was told it may take a couple more weeks or a couple more months.

Just wondering if you have heard anything. This process has been long.