Adjudication-almost done?

I have been waiting for my case to finish adjudication since about February. I call the customer service office about once a week. Recently it has been hard to reach them because of an influx of calls due to August training coming up. (This is for DOS.) I finally was able to reach them again on Tuesday. I was able to speak to a representative. Usually when I call, the representative says it is being actively worked on. This time, the rep said your case is being looked at by an officer. Is that different or am I making mountains out of nothing?

You would know if there is any sketchy info or answers you gave. Are your finances up to date and good? All bills in a payment status? No recreational drugs for at least 12 months prior to submission (age dependent) Did you use drugs while cleared? Any arrests or downloads non legal? If all that is clear…you are likely okay. If you know there is a something-something…I would look into that.

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I only need to know whether someone has been assigned to my case or not, it has been in adjudication since June 23, 18.
Do you know the customer service number to contact?

Thanks in advance

I would not worry until you sit in adjudication for 6 plus months. It is a long process. I have several in adjudication since June. You are well within normal timelines.


Why do you “need” to know if someone has been assigned to your case?
Calling customer service (you are calling DSS/PSMO, not the adjudicators anyways) doesn’t help as they are in a different agency and don’t have the information. It would be like calling USDA to get the status of whether Yellowstone is open.

If you are going for a military/civilian job, the federal agency that is hiring you will adjudicate your clearance.
If you are going for a contracting job (non-IC, non-DoE) even if it not supporting DoD, DoD Central Adjudication Facility (DoD CAF) will do the adjudication.

If the adjudicator needs more information to make the call, he might send it back to OPM to investigate…taking even more time (Look for an RSI to be opened if it is a major issue)

Adjudication can take days or months (or even more than a year). It can also be stopped if you are no longer with the company…even worse it can be stopped because of administrative errors. Talk/work with your security POC. They can give you the best info (just be willing to accept the lack clarity and the massive amount of time).

Hopefully it gets done before 6 months. thanx

Thanks for the info. I know I have nothing but stuck in this blackhole of waiting.

My investigation closed on 08/24 after 20 months, how long should I expect the adjudication prices to take?

It has been almost 6-7 months in the next couple of weeks.

Days to months…depends on how complicated the investigation was…

@swanbe01 can you let us know your adjudication timeline?

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I am still in adjudication.

Feb 2018 investigation closed, moved to adjudication.
Still in adjudication as if now.

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My main issue is I am married to a foreign national with family ties. We have been married for 7 years, and had been married for about 4-5 years when I started this process. Any other problems haven’t been problems for over 8-10 years.

amberbunny, I’m assuming the wait for SECRET adjudications is 6-8 months still? What in your estimation is the wait now for TOP SECRET?

We are consistently seeing 18 to 24 month waits for a full scope Poly TS SCI clearance to complete. If folks are applying for operational roles they can move faster as they have more juice. If you support a support contract…less so. Much less so. Just the nature of the beast. We have been hearing clearance times will be cut in half by May and June of 2019. I am seeing a few more close earlier…but nowhere near half the time. I predict they play it like a shell game where they claim the BI is closing in half the time. But Adjudication is now backing up for 12 months. Time to clear is the metric they ought use. Meaning from the time they initiate the BI, to the time the person is cleared.

One of my friends said he was told somewhere between 1 and 2 years for TS/SCI for adjudication…FWIW

I was in adjudication exactly 90 days, starting from the time my BI closed. This is for TS.


can you please share the customer service line #???

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Can I ask what agency this is for that took 90 days? Wondering if this is DHS

@pineapplepizza1434 DOD. My timeline was:
10/2017 Equip Submitted
8/2018 Subject Interview 1
1/2019 Subject Interview 2
2/2019 TS Closed, entered adjudication
5/2019 TS Granted