Adjudication taking too long

Hey all,

To make a long story short, My background investigation done by OPM closed in June 2017 after one year of investigation. Since June 2017, I have been in adjudication. The adjudicating agency is the USCIS. I email them once a month and they always respond with the same answer: your case is with Personnel Security Specialist for final adjudication!

What should I do? I understand that my case might be complicated because most of my family members are not US citizens.

You might want to reach out to a member of congress of the district that you are a constituent of and ask for help if you haven’t done so. It might help to get the wheel moving to the finish line. Just a food for thought.

You’ve been in adjudication for almost a year and they aren’t telling you anything? Do you know of problems/questions/issues that came up during your investigation?

Checking with your congressman might be good idea. The people who were helped by theirs (or think they were) swear by it but in many cases it does nothing at all.

Another suggestion would be to check in with an experienced clearance lawyer. They may be able to shake something loose.

I feel the same actually…mine has been closed since 11/2016…

Correction 2017 to be exact sorry.

Aren’t you in appeals though? Bit different than first time adjudication.

I am guessing so. I really don’t know I haven’t heard anything for a long time. My military enlistment is determined on this determination.

Thank you all for the suggestions. I will contact with my senator or congressman!

If you got a Statement of Reasons(SOR) then that means you were adjudicated unfavorably and are appealing that ruling in the next step.

It can go either way right?

Same here, I’m waiting for adjudication and I’m also on USCIS project.

SOR normally means you have the burden of convincing DoD you are worthy of the clearance.

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How long have you been in adjudication?

2 months. My BI was complete with a report. The final adjudication I have not received yet. I had 10 years DOD security before.

Did you ever hear back from? I have been in adjudication since August 2018. BI started in Feb 2017. I emailed today, got a generic “still reviewing but thanks for your patience” response. I contacted my congressmen today.

Did you ever hear back? Did contacting your congressperson help?