Stuck in Adjudication

I accepted a job which requires DoD secret clearance. It’s been 17 months since eQip submission. For last 5 months, I’m stuck in adjudication. In March, my FSO submitted a RRU to DoDCAF. Their response was that they couldn’t adjudicate my investigation and they have transferred my case to their subsidiary for adjudication (DOHA??). Since then, DoDCAF is saying that my case is assigned to an adjudicator and is under review. This has been their response for last 3 months.

I reached out to Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA) for status update. They are saying that they don’t have my case. I have requested copy of my background investigation from NBIB. My supervisor contact shows pending/undelivered. No one has reached out to me or any of my contacts since background investigation has been closed.

I’m incredibly frustrated with the pace and lack of transparency. My career is on hold. I have reached out to my senator’s office, they are also getting same response as my FSO. I’m not sure if I’m stuck in limbo. Is there anything else I can do other than wait? Can someone shed light on adjudication process.

The backlog is what it is. Everyone is slowed down by it and everyone is waiting because of it. I believe DOHA only gets involved if you were issued a SOR and are appealing your decision. If DoDCAF says your case is in adjudication I would have to assume that is where it is. Adjudication can be fast or slow depending on the merits of each individual case.

I was in adjudication for four or five months before receiving an SOR. That’s what it takes . . . You’re not past the norm yet.

I was in your shoes. After 22 months of waiting after Eqip submission I was finally contacted by my FSO saying they needed to send me a SOR and that my case was with DOHA. Like Ed said, this is business as usual for those of that received an SOR, it is a very long wait. Both myself and Ed did eventually get the clearance so I wouldn’t worry too much. We have all had to make sacrifices while waiting for the clearance. None of us are entitled to that clearance, it is a privilege, not a right. If you haven’t already, you can email DOHA Status for status updates. They told me zero information until I was contacted by an adjudicator within DOHA.

I am in adjudication for last 9 months with total wait of over two years for TS. I am now looking outside of clearance world for a job.

I have already contacted DOHA. They don’t have my case. They told me to have my FSO contact DoDCAF.

It’s interesting that 90% fastest cases were adjudicated in just 16 days in Q1FY18. What about the last 10%, I can’t find any statistics. From what you guys are telling me, it seems like I have few more months ahead of me.

If you have no denial/appellate case it’s not going to be in DOHA.

At least you know it is not completely unusual and you still have hope. I think that’s what we are all seeking, confirmation that we are still being considered and that we didn’t get lost in the shuffle.

@WaitingForClearance My guess is that your case is with an issue adjudicator in DODCAF Industry B. DOHA only gets involved for SORs. So that’s good news.