Promotion to O5 withheld because still in adjudication!


I am a prior service US Navy Flight Surgeon who decided to join the reserves 20 years after being separated after I learned that being an anesthesiologist made me a “critical wartime specialty”.

I was (re)commissioned in the reserves as an Lieutenant Commander, the same rank I held in 1996. The most recent promotion board voted to promote me to Commander but the SECNAV is withholding my promotion because I do not yet have an adjudicated Secret clearance.

Here is my timeline:

  • July 2016 SF-86 Submitted
  • July 2016 Fingerprints submitted
  • May 2017 OPM Interview
  • July 2017 Interim Secret Clearance granted so I could practice in a Navy Hospital
  • Jan 2018 Investigation complete, file sent for adjudication
  • April 2018 Security Office contacts DODCAF told “awaiting report from an outside agency”

How can I speed up the adjudication process? Is there a way to communicate with the person assigned my file at DODCAF. I’ve called on my Congressional Rep for help.


Bumping my message up to see if anyone can offer advice.

I’ve been told that I an request adjudication without the outside information but that may not be favorable to me. At least in that case, if I was adjudicated and denied, I would have some due process to appeal, right?


Yes, you would be given due process in the event an SOR is issued.


@NavyReservist did your case end up getting adjudicated? Did you request adjudication without the info from the outside Agency? I have a feeling I’m in the same boat as you because I have had investigations and clearances with several agencies previously so I’m guessing someone is dragging their feet in getting info to DODCAF in my case. Best of luck and if you haven’t heard back yet I hope you do soon.


Still haven’t heard back. My case case been with the adjudicator fir about a year. Things are getting sticky without having a clearance.