Over 2 years and counting for a Secret

Anybody else been waiting for 2+ years? My FSO claims that not only is this normal but also someone else had waited 3 years and finally received a clearance. Timeline as follows:

Submitted eqip Aug 2017
Investigation opened Nov 2017
Interview Dec 2017
Investigation closed May 2019
Has been received and processing with DODCAF according to investigator and FSO

Hey Vindiare,

I really hope that this is not normal for just a Secret clearance because I am also waiting for my Secret clearance to be adjudicated.

May I ask for which agency you applied? Time frames can differ based on the agency adjudicating your clearance.


Also to clarify my installment agreement was set before submitting my eqip, I guess they just wanted more clarification. And I have no idea if it’s in adjudication or if anyone has seen it but it’s been explained to me that my packet is located at DODCAF and no longer with OPM.

If it closed in May of 2019 and moved to adjudication in June of 2019, that would make it only 5 months in Adjudication. Currently I am seeing 7 plus months in Adjudication. The system is and has been backlogged since 1993 at least when I started working Personnel Security. Prior to that I worked in Physical Security for about 5 years. Every couple of years they announce having a fix that will completely fix the backlog. And then they invent the 130 plus page SF86.

Hey semperfi1983,

It’s for a private military contractor company, and the clearance is through the DOD. When I had my interview I had 2 issues that flagged me for the interview. One was from an installment agreement that I had with the IRS due to the first year at my current job being on a 1099 For a year while waiting for a permanent position. There was no delinquency since it was set up the same year it was due. And the other was an summarized Article 15 I received in 2009 where the punishment was 7 days extra duty and deducted $200. The investigator explained that the only info they had on the art 15 was the punishment but nothing saying what it was about. My FSO explained to me that he received “eligibility pending” during the investigation but never received “interim denied” stating that I’d have to wait for the entire investigation to be closed. And now I’ve been in adjudication since May 2019. Maybe too much info but that’s the back story with the long wait.

Ok, thank you for this insight. The only answers I seem to get is that it’s “pending” with the exception of when the investigation was closed. Regarding time frames they just say that they’re expecting it any day now. I understand them doing their due diligence while dealing with a backlog, it’s just incredibly frustrating when they give you barely any info as to what’s going on.


That is indeed the bad part.