SCI was not requested

I have been in adjudication since last September and I contacted my Senator and he told me that CAF never received a request for SCI. How it is possible? I mean I passed my CI Poly and my FSO told me that my TS/SCI request was submitted 3 months ago when I passed my Poly. I dont understand.

The adjudication comes first. If you are in adjudication, you do not yet have an approved clearance. Once approved, the client will read you in on the SCI. The form they submitted to the clearance division informs them of the clearance and SCI submitted for. Once successfully adjudicated,and upon receipt of the clearance eligibility…you get a read in date entered. That is the day the SCI is awarded. the SCI part really doesn’t get turned “on” until read in date.

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Thank you but at least it would show that it’s in process but according to my Senator he says that CAF told him that they never received a request for SCI.

It is normally on the clearance form, however if the client locally reads you in…it may not be. Since they show you in process…I would not worry. It may simply be an administrative error on their part. Unless you require a polygraph for the position. Regardless you will need that Poly so eventually they will catch the issue if it si an issue.