What does this mean? re: waiting on adjudication

Context: I’ve been waiting for my IC TS/SCI w/ Poly to be adjudicated since Jan 2021 when my package was supposedly assigned to an Adjudicator. My cjo FSO has been in contact with the Customer on a monthly basis and each time she has told me the status has been the same “in adjducation”.

Today however, my current company came back with the following response after I inquired about a position they had with the IC - “Our security rep shot back this response “Looks like he has a 5/14/2021 SSBI date and a 3/18/2015 poly date.” So we’re looking good and waiting on that poly to adjudicate.

Does that SSBI date mean my TS/SCI has been approved? Why would one companies FSO easily see this but my previous cjo FSO not? I’ve almost felt like I was being strung along by the previous cjo before in a way…

There is a date that an investigation completes, and then there is a date when the final clearance is granted. After the investigation is completed, it is sent to adjudications.

Hang on to that SSBI date, it is a good bit of info to have.

So are you saying that you were initially put in for a clearance by one company but have since switched to another?