Help Understanding my TS Clearance after the Military

Alright SO I got out to the military in Nov 16 my TS adjudication date was Jan 2011 meaning January last year was my 5 year mark.

Military doesn’t pay to renew investigations anymore unless you re-up but I was still active in my TS/SCI role.

Now I took a new job in November and they start my PR investigation which has been going on now a few months but am preparing for a job change again soon if needed.

With the new 6 year rule change my NEW adjudication date would have been good till last month still with my PR investigation being open.

I am safe to transfer to other TS positions right now?

Can someone explain this to me a little bit?


PRs are based on investigation closed dates, not the adjudication date.

So wouldn’t that be the January 2011?

No, you stated that was when they adjudicated it. The investigation closed sometime before that.

I recommend, circumstances permitting, to sit tight until the clearance process concludes. It gives you more options moving forward to have a recently closed out BI. Leaving before it is completed and visible in the system(s) leaves you without a sponsor and a new company wanting to hire but needing to submit you as an initial. As I understand if the current BI package is very close to finished…submitting as an initial with a new company…a new sponsor…can continue to move the previous BI along. No need to reinvent the wheel and repeat the BI. But it is never guaranteed. As of late we are getting a measure of support from our client’s crossover branch. If the BI is between 5 and 7 years old they request a new SF 86 as an initial, but we get a decision in 3 to 4 days.