Switching Jobs during adjudication?


My TS SSBI went to DodCAF for Adjudication last week, and I would like to know if I leave my current employer for another job, could my current employer phone DoDCAF or OPM and have them cancel my SSBI?

One of my previous employers wants me back, and they’ve assured me that they can put in the paperwork to pick up my clearance. I don’t know if this would be before it’s granted, or afterwards. Any thoughts?

I don’t want to jeopardize losing the clearance after waiting 9 months for it. Also, any update on current adjudication time would be helpful.

Your investigation was completed, so it cannot be “canceled”. If the need exists the DOD CAF or another agency can use the investigation if it has been favorably adjudicated, or can request a copy of the investigation and adjudicate themselves.

I was granted TS/SCI under Financial condition but I have felled to meet all obligation now face losing my job with 12 years. I am under security investigation reporting financial form should I just retire. I made bad choices with Ptsd VA documented recently I think this is why I had problems with meeting condition also death and wife medically not being able to work. Not clear what to do please provide advice.

Not clear on your scenario as you thoughts are disjointed. If you were granted access with conditions and failed to meet those conditions you do not have a whole lot of options unless you can show that your failure to meet your financial obligations was beyond your control. I advise you to seek legal advice on this matter.

I am in adjudication for a periodic reinvestigation. Nothing unusual about that… except it has been over two years. There are several people at my employer (defense contractor) in the same situation. A couple folks were recently adjudicated after 2+ years. My clearance is active (TS/SCI) so there is no particular urgency on the part of the customer, and our FSO can’t really do much more than they have already been doing.

The problem is that when another employer looks me up, all they can see is my previous clearance and it looks out of scope. They don’t see that I am still ‘active.’

Can a new employer hire me in this situation for another position requiring SCI access???