Nice! DoD CAF Army adjudicated My TS/SCI in 30 days

This is my second TS / SCI Periodic Reinvestigation(PR). Due to clearance backlog FSO was instructed to delay start of PRs.
My investigation phase lasted 9 months. Before the investigation started I transferred from a DoD agency to a DoD component. Former supervisors and coworkers that were interviewed for investigation live in different cities and states. DoD CAF Army evaluated OPM investigation report as soon as it was completed. Within 30 days of receiving BI report I was granted a TS/SCI. Nice!!

Good Job DoD CAF Army!

That’s pretty amazing. Even more so considering it was a PR which usually go to the bottom of the stack.

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Like you I was also very surprised with DoD CAF quick adjudication. I commend them. My 5 year PR expired in November 2017 but per OPM guidance FSOs were told to delay PRs since clearance adjudications were still valid.

My SF86 was submitted in the spring of 2018. In the fall of 2018 I transferred to a job with the Army. BI called me for an interview in March 2019. From March to December 2019 BI and associates interviewed former supervisors and coworkers across several states.

However BI did not interview my references identified on my SF 86 or my current supervisor and coworkers. Per BI I did not have more than 6 months of employment with them. I told BI I previously worked for them for 11 years. BI wanted a recent supervisor and employee relationship.

The backlog is virtually gone, as far as we are seeing on the contract company side. Not sure if the work allocations are different for the internal jobs. I regularly see paperwork come across my desk that the subject submitted several weeks ago. It used to be several months or MORE by the time it hit my screen. Good signs all around.

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Thanks for the update! Very promising for the people that are waiting for their adjudication.

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