Clearance Granted/DoD/TS

SF-86: end of Nov 2020
Interview via Teams: December 2020 right before the holidays
March 2021: Notified clearance was adjudicated Feb 2021.

I have A few foreign contacts, no drug usage, a lot of foreign travel (not related to TDY/PCS), no debt, and held a previous Secret!

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Congrats. That seems quick, especially with foreign contacts and travel. Did you have to wait on SCI access too?

I am still waiting on that and will update when it is adjudicated. Somehow it was not submitted properly so they adjudicated the TS, and it was sent back for SCI access not too long ago. Once it is complete, I will update this timeline. I was also shocked at how quick it was. My foreign activity included friendly countries. (Cruises, tours in Europe and Korea.) I hope this helps.

SCI was adjudicated and I now have the full TS/SCI.


Awesome. Good to see the SCI came quickly after. I have a few tourist reason trips to Eastern Europe in the last five years that I was a little concerned about, but they’re spaced months or years apart and all are for less than three weeks. Also, a friend of mine with much more travel and foreign contacts was recently cleared, so now I’m less concerned about my background. No foreign contracts though.

Also, what field do you work in?

Cyber Analysis. I was worried about the foreign stuff too. I read so many forums and right b4 i was notified, I was pretty sure I could relax. I hope you have the same luck! I am so glad I can stop worrying about my career.

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