TS/SCI upgrade with CI/Poly

Background on my clearance.

TS/SCI initially granted in 2012 through DOD (JPAS), re-investigation completed April 2019 (T5 PR). I got offered a position with a good contractor in August. It took them sometime to confirm I had a clearance due to being on Scattered Castles, and they want a CI poly. Took the exam in December, the interviewer told me it should be about three to five weeks to get to Quality Assurance and to hear back.

I know two months is nothing in the “clearance game”, but I’m really starting to rely on the prospect of this job to keep my credit up. I did have a small issue with one question, that was not part of the standard battery it was one of the “FBI Profile” questions, but the interviewer said they were confident it would pass. The other CI questions did not apply, I have no foreign contact/relations/etc. I know to take that with a grain of salt, but at 7 weeks with no news should I start to worry?

I’m doing my best to try to stay afloat, but I wouldn’t be sticking to my current job if the money was good. I’m afraid the longer I wait, the longer the chance is I won’t be able to keep up financially, and then have that affect my clearance. Does anyone have any idea on the adjudication timeline in recent months? Does Adjudication change because I already have a clearance, and a PR was done recently (in the same year)? Thanks