TS/SCI -> TS -> TS/SCI timeline?

Background: 2002 to 2018 TS/SCI & CI poly same customer/mission (IC) between two locations (US and another allied country)
Current: 2018 to current moved to DoD TS while remaining in allied country but job ends at end of year and I’m trying to go back to the TS/SCI IC job…it’s my ‘home’ and that’s where I am most comfortable
Question: My TS/SCI 5yrs hit in May 2020 and my old customer wouldn’t waive their 4yr active clearance requirement and wanted an update completed, I handled all the new stuff ASAP and turned it back in. A period of time goes by and I’ve finally heard from a Investigator asking for co-workers and also they even went to my families home and spoke to them. I’ve also been told from the new company that “I’ve been put in the queue for a poly” and they wanted an ETA for my return to the US.

From the time that an Investigator finally reaches out how long can it be for them to get me back into the CI poly and then adjudicated? My company put forth a list of names to the customer for ‘expedited processing’ and this aligns with the Investigator finally reaching out as well. Is this something that can happen…being put to the front if the customer wills it?

Probably about the same as last time… In all seriousness, it will take as long as it takes. A month, 12, 36? Wait and see.

I suspect nothing will happen until you get back to the US. I know that’s how it works for direct hire positions. Scheduling the polygraph is a mess right now. Hopefully if you gave them a return date they can work with that.

Since you got your forms in before the five-year mark that should help, maybe not with a customer that insists on a current and final clearance, but some places might be willing to work with that.

Do you know if the US has the ability to do poly’s at locations within an FVEY partner country e.g. embassy/consulate?

I have taken a poly before overseas however this is when I was still in the military…

I was told that my clearance is a ‘priority’ TS/SCI and that we (maybe) get priority with polys. Still took 130+ days before I did my subject interview and no word on polys, or even screenings for that matter.

And I trust my FSO. Former Army intel and seems plenty competent. I know a lot of this is out of his hands, but I don’t think he’d jerk me around.