TS/SCI now TS only

Hello. Need some help here. I was working under my TS/SCI with CI poly and moved to a TS only position. I am looking to return to the TS/SCI with CI poly position again but am wondering if I can since I no longer am working under that level of clearance? Did my SCI go away? Am I going to be able to return to my old company and work at the TS/SCI with CI poly level? How does this all work? It’s been less than 90 days since I moved to the new job. Please advise. I appreciate the help!

Your “eligibility” for access to SCI did not go away. Your CI poly should still be recorded someplace. Your chances of getting back to the kind of work you describe are pretty good, but your best bet is getting back in with the same customer that you were working with before, and doing it within the next two years. Going to work on contracts for other customers may or may not be so easy.

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Thank you for clarifying. That helps. Here is the overall situation I am in: I was a government contractor working at USCYBERCOM. That required a TS/SCI with CI poly. I passed the poly in Sep 2018. It is recorded in JPAS. While working at CYBERCOM I applied for an internal position on the NSA side as a federal employee. That required me to upgrade to a Full Scope poly. I passed the lifestyle portion but was told after three exams that the CI portion was inconclusive. The recruiter told me that those poly exams are not used against me because they were taken as a candidate trying to come into the agency as a federal employee. Was told they are kept completely separate from my successful CI poly I passed in 2018 and that it doesn’t overrule that one. Anyway, I was offered a separate job with USDA utilizing my TS. I accepted and told NSA to stop my process as I have accepted federal employment elsewhere.

I have been offered a job with my old contracting firm to return to USCYBERCOM. I literally left less than 90 days ago. I’ll have to go through the security process again but, I am wondering if NSA will now say I can’t come back in because of the inconclusive polys I took in February- March. The security office of the firm says they still see me with a TS/SCI with successful poly effective Sep 2018. Because CYBERCOM is housed in NSA workspace all candidates have to go through both CYBERCOM and NSA screening.

Do I have a chance of getting back in? Although my inconclusive polys were obviously during my time working in the workspace, I wasn’t going to be removed had I stayed. This was again told to me from the recruiter and security office.

Not sure about CYBERCOM but I’ve heard of military folks… already cleared as far as their service is concerned… spending months sitting around Ft Meade (maybe painting rocks to break up the monotony) waiting for NSA to tell them they can come in the building. Sounds like there is a chance you could fall into a similar trap unless they can do the NSA screening before you leave your current job.

Question to the pros, when you get your TS clearance, when does your clock starts ticking in terms of the reinvestigation: when your BI had completed or when you were actually granted the TS?

Not sure if I count as a “pro” but in my experience, the clock starts when the investigation is completed. They go off the BI date.

Thanks squirrel. I feel it’s going to be like with Golden Gate Bridge, by the time they finish painting it they’ll have to start all over again.

That was happening a couple years ago when adjudications were so backed up, especially for contractors… and they had not yet switched from five years to six for periodic updates.

@sbusquirrel Isn’t the reason for introducing the Continues Evolution program to clear the clearance backlog or better word to prevent on building up?

Yes, I think that is part of it, also, with CE they plan to make use of online checks. Recall that one of the big reasons people are denied a clearance is financial concerns, and in many cases those will show up via credit checks and other online inquiries.

So, if you enroll into CE you are obligated to check-in your out of scope events and screw-ups continuously through out the period between your reinvestigations?

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Actually you’re supposed to do that now for certain events… but you make a good point, what if your credit score drops? Are you supposed to report that before they find out from some automated check?

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