Job says no poly due to SCI being down

My current job processed a TS but only briefed a few including me for SCI but no poly. Their excuse for no poly yet and no badge change is that SCI processing is down or something like that. I believe they employ only management that lies at that place. But that is their excuse for not telling the rest they don’t have a TS or received an email to be briefed yet by our security team. I am currently job hunting because that contract is also ending. What do I put in the header? Should I just put Active TS/SCI but omit the poly since I don’t have that yet but I was briefed? or omit the SCI all together even though I was briefed?

I’m not sure if you’re saying you have the TS or not. Did you receive any notification that the TS was granted?

If you do have the TS I would list TS/SCI eligible and then explain the situation to any potential new employers if you were to go through an interview process. But you need to confirm that you have the TS before doing so.

Put down something like “eligible for access to SCI based on investigation completed xx/xx/xxxx.” If a potential employer asks about a poly tell them you don’t have one. There’s still a lot of jobs out there where you can have SCI access without a poly.

I think scheduling polygraphs is still a big mess and contractors go to the back of the line.

I was just told that we don’t need permission from the contractor and can just go ahead and schedule a poly. Is there anything I should know beforehand? How much time is the CI poly? What happens if I get the dreaded inconclusive message at the end? I am under a lot of stress right now at work and home.

Yes I have my TS and have received a message from security about it. I have also been briefed for my SCI in Arlington.