What clearance do I have?

Hey all,

I was put in for a TS/SCI with CI Poly back in 2019.

9/2021 I was approved for indoctrination and did that.

I have still not taken the polygraph.

Does this mean I have the TS/SCI (no poly)? I’m looking at job hopping and don’t want ask my FSO if I can.


Sounds like you have a favorably adjudicated background investigation with eligibility for access to SCI. Also sounds like your clearance is “active”

You can put that on your resume, along with the date that the investigation was completed.

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Thanks! That’s very much a load off my shoulders.

Some years back I worked at a place where we had to sign a statement agreeing to take a polygraph someday… back then, very few people got called in, but I understand that it is much more strictly enforced now.

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