How long does it take to go from ts to ts/sci?


I just passed my poly to get my sci. I just want to know about what timetable.


When you say “passed”…the polygrapher said you passed? Or did they say your numbers are good, and read you the boiler plate info regarding all polys are subject to review and repeat? Sometimes after 5 months (personal experience) you can get a call back to sit in the chair yet again. Or a follow up interview. All things considered, your entire package may go into adjudication for a review or it may simply be so clean all parts are rapidly approved. It can take 6 months…I have a guy in adjudication 12 months now.


Or three years (also personal experience)

For DoD contractors, going from TS to TS/SCI used to be very simple as long as your BI was current. Of course everything is much more hideously complex and time-consuming now.


For a federal or contractor gig?


Yes, I was told I passed. I didn’t realize it would be a long time to go from TS to TS/SCI. I thought I just needed to read on.


Depends on the date of the BI. If you were close to being out of scope, they may be repeating portions of or completely doing a new investigation. If the TS is fresh, some SCI is just a read on. Others require a polygraph. My first two were merely read ons. The one I have these past 8 years required two Poly’s each.


I got my TS in April of 2018. Do you think I could just be read on?


What happens now? Do I go back into adjudication and wait to get my SCI?


No, SCI is a different process. It’s really not that long.

And poly doesn’t equal SCI. I had poly after SCI.


You can be “just read on” for an SCI. My client reads all TS into the SCI, but we have two categories of TS, those with and without Poly. My first SCi had zero poly requirements. These past 8 years have been Poly required positions.