Going from TS to TS/SCI

About how long does it take to go from TS to TS/SCI?

I am waiting for the last 30 months.

Shouldn’t the process be easier/shorter than getting a TS as it’s based on that investigation?

Is it for the same customer/agency? Is a polygraph required? There are a lot of factors.

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In theory, it should… In reality, it does not. If it is with the same agency, the process shouldn’t take as long as it wouldve been with different agency. SCI gives agency even wider latitude.

Curious about this question as well. I just received my TS on 8/10 and my SCI is still in process. There will be no poly involved and the Agency is the Army Intel.

I am hoping by December, 2018 all is finalized.

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Yeah, my poly is in early October. What questions do they ask?

The kinds you should google and not ask on a public fourm :slight_smile: