Upgraded from S to TS/SCI

How long does it take from Secret/SSBI to TS/SCI? I was investigated for SSBI and I was told that I am eligible for TS. I just recently passed my CI Polygraph and I would like to know how long would it take? I am currently working overseas.

I am currently holding Secret clearance.

Nobody knows . . . three months? Two years?

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If it’s same agency that adjudicated you and your background investigation was recent, then it shouldn’t take as long as they can use information… if it’s a different agency, you’ll probably in for a long haul.

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Its the same agency. My investigation was SSBI. 5 references were contacted at that time plus my landlord, Education reference etc and then I had an interview with OPM Agent. I hope it doesn’t take that long.

My investigation was closed in like 5 months ago.