TS/SCI Timeline


Here is my timeline,

Applied for position 12/2017
Offer letter 2/2018
Paper SF86 completed and sent for review 2/2018
Paper SF86 review complete 5/2018
Equip submitted 5/2018
Fingerprints completed 5/2018
Tier 5 TS investigation started 7/2018
Interim Secret granted 7/2018
Interim TS granted 10/2018 by DoDCAF
Assigned to investigator 1/31/2019
Subject interview 2/5/2019
Investigation complete and “transmitted” 2/7/2019

Investigator said adjudication my take a few weeks because of shutdown.


That’s interesting… were you told the interim TS was granted by DoDCAF? I did not know they got into the interim game. But then interim TS is fairly unusual at least in my experience.


That is what I was told when a FSO looked at my JPAS file.


Don’t stare the gift horse in the mouth… DSS or CAF - take the interim, sign the NDA, and get to work.


Thank you for putting your timeline. It really does take almost 2 years!! I recently passed my polygraph (had to go 2 times, but passed the 2nd time). So now I am in the waiting period. I am not sure how long that will take, but hoping soon. I was never offered an interim clearance however…